Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ron Sutherland Returns To Arizona

Ron Sutherland, aka Section 8, aka Ron Von Hess, returns to his native Arizona in late October again, for shows in Tucson and Phoenix.

Monday, October 5, 2015

DVD Review: The Randy Savage Story

A  bit of Phoenix trivia for you. When Randy Savage made his Phoenix debut he faced regional guy Billy Anderson and beat him. He remained a main draw in Arizona when touring for years.

The WWE dvd, The Randy Savage Story: Macho Man, offers a fitting, but depressing look at one of wrestling's most enigmatic figures.

Mainly narrated by Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, but with input from others, some of the mystery behind this legend. From his early days in wrestling to starring in the WWF and WCW, his career is covered. It is not the usual WWE fluff piece.

There are many great matches shown as well, with feedback from Ricky Steamboat, Pat  Patterson and others.

The dvd is worth it for the Savage vs. Steamboat footage alone.

Will worth a purchase or at least a look.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lucha Libre Volcanico

Among the many rising lucha libre promotions running in the west, Volcanico is pone that is picking up steam.

Run by Jose Luis Gomez, who also handles the training of the new wrestlers , the promotion offers an assortment of high flyers, masked men and more.

Hero, Sonico, Viento, Peligro, Chicano Poder,  X Man,  Rey Jaguar, Baby Rock and Angel Eyes remain just some of the stars on the cards.