Sunday, January 31, 2016

Greg Gagne

Being the son of a famous wrestler is never easy, as fans constantly compare the two and becoming one's own man is next to impossible. This was a problem Greg Gagne suffered through for his entire career. He was never a bad worker, but unable to get out of his father's shadow.

Greg made varied appearance sin Arizona when his father made his disastrous attempts to invade Phoenix and Tucson.  The AWA was too "tame" for Arizona fans and flat did not draw, plus the overhead was far too high for the office. The Arizona run for the  AWA did not last long with their grandiose plans.

Greg was of course pushed by his father and oddly enough, was getting over well with Arizona fans when the promotional efforts collapsed.

He was known for the use of the sleeper hold, like his father  and for the sue of flying dropkicks, which again was his father's signature move.

Greg continued to wrestle after the office withdrew form Arizona, until the AWA itself went down the drain a few years later.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A New Destiny For Mr Insanity

Mr Insanity appeared in Arizona many years ago as part of a tour run by Jerry Gray, facing Navajo Warrior . Most of his actions, however, have been in the East, Midwest and Japan.

While he still wrestles some, he had found a new destiny.

Conquering his own addiction to narcotics, with emphasis on pills, he is now seeking training to become a councilor assisting others with their addictions, just as the one he has conquered. He also does public speaking at churches and to youth groups on the same topic.

One has to admire his courage in facing his own devastating addictions and wish him well on this new career path.

Friday, January 29, 2016

See The Dale Pierce Collection In Aberdeen

From March through April, the Aberdeen library in Aberdeen Washington will host a large display of Dale Pierce's wrestling memorabilia centered around Ohio,  Arizona and Washington.

The display will include many old programs from the 1940s, posters from modern times, signed photos, trading cards,  gear, books  and more.

There is also going to be a big write-up int he Aberdeen newspaper and on several webpages calling attention to the exhibit.

If you are lucky enough to live in the area, check it out.

Adam X

Meet Adam X form Bremerton, Washington, who is making a name for himself throughout the west.

On the surface he might not look like a wrestler. Tall and thin, he does not have a typical wrestling build, but is able to utilizer his strengths and weaknesses to full potential. He is apt to remind older fans of the 123 Kid.

"He will go places because he listens and learns," commented veteran Randy Taylor. "He is one of the few new people who actually tries to learn new things and does not have an egotistical attitude about himself. Keep an eye on him."

"One of my guys wrestled this kid and frankly, he was impressive," commented The Time Traveler. "On the surface you would think...shittttttttttttttttt....look at this guy...but he would fool you. As he gains some more experience and starts traveling about, he is going to be someone to reckon with. I can see him in Ring of Honor or in Mexico. He has a tall, thin build, which would go good in either of these areas. In Mexico, he would be a top draw. he has a fast paced style and can really give you a  run for your money in the ring. I see good things for him."

Keep an eye out for Adam X, as he indeed may be a star of the future if he continues to improve. Charismatic, entertaining and talented, he has shown early on that he has the making of a top name. 

Any weight, or build barriers aside, he should see some great things down the road.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jimmy Jack Funk

The "wildest funk of all," as the WWE propaganda machine billed him, was not even a Funk at all, but actually Jesse Barr, the son of Sandy Barr out of Oregon.

As Jimmy jack, Barr did manage to gain a lot of heat in Phoenix when the WWE/WWF brought him in. The crowd, used to Dory and Terry as babies in the past, did not like the idea of any of them being heels and the result was spectacular.

Jimmy Jack did his best to live up to the hype machine, brawling and stomping through varied Arizona shows. The run, however, came to an end, which saw him returning to the name of Jesse Barr and returning to Oregon where he wrestled for his father's promotion.

Barr/Funk is retired from wrestling and makes his home in Portland presently.

The legacy of his wild WWF run  survives.

Mongolian Stomper Dies

The Mongolian Stomper was  one of the most physically intimidating of wrestlers by appearance alone, though in real life his name was the unmanacling Archie Gouldie and he was one oft he kindest and gentlest of men.

In any case, he has passed away at 78, form Alzheimer disease.

Though internationally famous, Distemper did have some Arizona matches in 1985-1986 when living in Tucson. He had feuds with JJ Bear, Phil Melby  and Reggie Parks.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brody Adams

Brody Adams comes from Alaska. Yes, they do have wrestling there. While he and his associates are kept busy up that way, they have been drifting downward into Washington and as far as Utah. Could Arizona be on the horizon?

Brody is a big, brawling man who is worth seeing and capable beyond the scope of most Indy guys. He should truly go places.  Keep an eye out for him.

His Washington presentation saw him beat Randy Zellers in short order and provoke the crowd with heat seldom seen this day and age.

His brutal, mauling style is similar to that of the late Bruiser Brody.

Again. though kept busy in Alaska, it is hoped Brody will branch out and be seen in several new areas in the months ahead, as he deserves it.  .

Brody Adams. An old fashioned heel in the most slamming, stomping sense of the word!

Help Dale Pierce/The Time Traveler

Help Dale Pierce/Time Traveler in his prostate cancer fight .

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Casey Berger

Casey Berger was a national star in the 1920s, though you seldom hear his name mentioned today. He had a lengthy Arizona run and many matches at the then relatively new Phoenix Madison Square Garden.

In 1929, Berger has a rivalry going with one Jack Carter, with whom he had a number of matches and traded victories.

He also had what might be deemed a feud with Pete Sauer.

Berger also had matches in different parts of the territory with Buzz Bartley, Charlie Stark and Ira Dern.

Berger used a short arm scissors to force opponents down for the pin or for submission.  He was a sound technical wrestler, but had a limited number of moves to his credit. Those he executed, he did well.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Johnny Gunn

Johnny Gunn, out of Salem, Ohio started for indies some years ago, appearing regularly on MCW and MEWL cards, first as a baby face and later as an arrogant heel who provoked great hatred from the crowd.

Now, with some years behind him in the game, Gunn is looking to do some traveling and get his name out there in some new areas. A western trip could be in the making if agreements can be reached about money, as the distance factor is a big issue. It is hoped something will be worked out, so he will indeed be seen in some new states.

In his native Ohio, Gunn has become known for his matches with Tripp Lee, Durty (his spelling) The Clown, Lones Oaks, Levi Masterson, Christian Vaughn, Justin Diaz  and the Buckaroos, mainstays all in the Midwest and well known regional people.

Be he good or bad, as he has shown the ability to go either way, Gunn would be a worthwhile addition to any card.

"Gunn has come a long way," commented wrestling manager, the Time Traveler. "I remember how nervous he wa sin the very beginning and how hesitant and reluctant he seemed to be in his matches. he got over that fast and learned the ropes faster than anyone I have ever seen. He's now a top notch wrestler. The improvements over say, the past two years, are just too many to be ignored. He is main event material beyond ant doubt and has become the performer I felt he could be, fi he decided to really go all out. I do not think anyone in the stands or the locker room would disagree. He has come a long, long way and that cannot be denied. What he needs to do now is get out of his Ohio base for a bit and start traveling, making his name known elsewhere, as where ever he goes I am confident he will excel."

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jody Arnold Vs. Ron Pritchard

Jody Arnold had many feuds, both as heel in the 1970s and as baby in the1980s. His most notable feud would have been with Tito Montez, which lasted for years, though he also did programs with Billy Graham, The Lumberjacks, Rick Davidson, Masked Frankenstein, Kurt Von Steiger, Cowboy Bob Ellis and others.

One of Arnold's classic feuds was with Ron Pritchard, the football player and wrestle in the offseason. Pritchard, a star at ASU before playing for the Oilers and Bengals, which included a hectic Football Gear mask in which the pair wrestled in helmets and with shoulder pads. In this match, Pritchard took Arnold to school and Jody would later remark it was the stiffest match in history.

Several times, Pritchard tried to take the Arizona State Title from Arnold, but was never able to do so.

Oddly, the feud never concluded, with Pritchard suddenly paired with Bob Lueck to fight The Comancheros and Jody taking on old nemesis Tito Montez.

Two decades later, when reunited at an old timer reunion, Arnold and Pritchard would laugh at how young they were, green they were during the feud and how they literally beat the hell  out of each other for real, thinking this was great.

Those were the days.

Bob Ellis Vs Jack Ringer

Cowboy Bob Ellis was the iconic baby face in Arizona in the 1960s and 1970s, known for his many feuds. One of the wildest was with a little known, but excellent heel from Minnesota by the name of Jack Ringer.

In the fall of 1971, the two met in a 2/3 fall match which saw Ringer bloodying Ellis right off the bat by running him into the ringpost . The match ended in a double disqualification and set the stage for many more rematches to come.

Most of the matches ended in count outs or with someone being disqualified and Ellis usually bleeding, which was par for the course before him.

Finally, before leaving the area, Ellis did score a woin or two over Ringer on the circuit, then went elsewhere. Ringer stayed behind, where a new feud awaited him with Armon Hussein.

Whispers Among The Tombstones

Whispers Among The Tombstones, a guidebook to western era gravestones and sights, also includes several early day wrestlers within, making ti of interest to many wrestling fans as well.

Look for a set of lectures and books signings by Dale Pierce coming later in the year, concerning his book.

Orders and info at

Alexander Hammerstone

Alexander Hammerstone is making a name for himself on the contemporary scene. Keep your eye out on him.

A big, muscular guy who has loads of ring presence, has the advantage where he literally
looks like a wrestler should look" in a world where so many independent guys do not, he shows impressive qualities the minute he enters the ring.

Hammerstone was trained by Hawaiian Lion.

In recent years he has had some torrid Arizona matches with Jay Garland, Chris Evans and others.

A wrestler of extreme charisma, Hammerstone will be going places.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ben Trudell

Ben Trudell went from the undercard to the main events in Arizona in the early 1950s , Though on the surface just your average heel, he was able to really gain heat and show what he was made of when given the chance.

He was best noted for a feud with the ill-fated George Drake (Drake would later shoot himself in a  fit of depression). Trudell took the role of a snarling, rough house villain who hated "pretty boys" like the popular Drake. As he went through the course of a match and had the upper hand, he would taunt the crowd with threats of what he was next going to do to their hero. The beloved Drake, however, usually made a comeback and won.

Trudell also feuded with Johnny james of the James Brother tag team, going to several savage double disqualifications which saw them brawling throughout whatever building they were in. Phoenix and Tucson were both scenes for their slugfests. In the long run, as with Drake, James won out, but it took him some doing.

Rising from bottom to top on the cards, Trudell made a name for himself in Arizona, but with the passing of time he has sadly faded from memory.

Magnificent Maurice

Magnificent Maurice was a big star in the 1960s as essentially a Gorgeous George clone with dark hair. H looked at himself in a hand mirror as he made his way to the ring. He wore flowing capes and robes. He strutted, smirked and showed disdain for opponents and fans alike, provoking the audience to a riot pitch on many occasions. He was, in short, an outstanding heel.

Maurice made his way to Arizona at varied intervals, though he was never a regular on the cards.

He is best noted for a feud in the territory with he popular Jerry Usher, gaining a set of wins over him by cheating and setting the stage up for rematches which of course drew the angry fans back for more. The two met in phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and several other locations, usually with Maurice sneaking by with a victory that was never fairly achieved.

"Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat," was a statement Maurice made many times on television and he lived up tot his philosophy.

He died in a plane crash many years ago, bringing his career and life to an unexpected end. The stories, however, live on.

Maurice saw big pushes in California, Ohio, Michigan and Hawaii as well. No matter where he went, he was hated by the crowd and this brought the people in, hoping to see him lose.

A few times at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden he caused security headaches, for they needed to stay totally on the ball in anticipation of fan attacks when members of the crowd took unkindly to the way he treated Jerry Usher.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shawn Blaze

  Shawn Blaze is a wrestler on the move and a mainstay in Ohio/Michigan at this writing. Long pushed as a top heel, he provokes rage where ever he appears and is usually guaranteed to pull in  an audience. In this era, where many consider wrestling to be a joke, Blaze nonetheless provokes the crowd to a near riot in most of his matches. Obnoxious, mouthy and arrogant, he oozes with the traits that make a great villain.  

The good news is Blaze is starting to travel outward. Could an Arizona/California run be in the works?

Already firmly established as a heel in the Midwest, it will be fitting to see him go to some new areas, get some added exposure and get his name pout there.

Blaze received big pushes in MEWL and MCW in Ohio in the past few years, where again, he was in the main events on a continual basis. Either on his own or with varied tag team partners such as Johnny Gunn and Tripp  Lee, he was a virtual heat magnet with the audience.

It would good to see him expand his horizons.

Books By Bill Anderson

Former Arizona wrestling star, Bill Anderson, has released a number of wrestling books, mainly photographic in nature, surrounding his career and his friends. For information on these books go to   .his page.  

Visit http:/


Nikoli Volkoff continues to wrestle some indy shots, even now and even though he is in his 60s. he appears to just not be slowing down in spite of age.

Before he was a dreaded Russian, he was oddly enough a Mongol, with a shaved head and weird hair tassel, as part of he Mongols tag team appearing in the Ohio/Michigan area and late into the WWWF (later WWF & WWE)

As Volkoff, he again received major pushes in the WWF bad it is here that he made varied showings in Arizona in the 1980s as part of the tour the promotion set up. He was seen in Phoenix and Tucson on a number of occasions, sometimes as a single and sometimes as a partner to the Iron Sheik.

In the west, he engaged in a feud with Ivan Putski to capitalize on the solidarity disputes between Poland and Russia going on in the real world at the same time.

When he semi -retired from wrestling some years back, Volkoff went into politics in Maryland, where he makes his home. He could not completely quit, however, as still evident today by some of the cards he appears on.

I Ain't No Pig Farmer

I Ain't No Pig Farmer, by former promoter Dean Silverstone and released by Crowbar press, continues to sell well. This is a fascinating book told form a promoter's viewpoint rather than a wrestler's for a change.

Silverstone ran a successful show in Washington in the 1970s, but the thing is, he booked many wrestlers from Arizona. These people are noted at varied  lengths in his book.

The late Eddie Sullivan, an Arizona mainstay, has a big part in the book and crops up at varied times. He was evidently pushed quite well in Washington as well, and really over with the fans. There are some interesting behind the scenes tales involving him that show up in the text.

Chris Colt, the controversial icon and late super heel also plays a major role in the text. One of wrestling's most versatile perfumers, though over run by personal demons,  Colt was one of the game's top talents, but cold never manage to keep himself out of trouble. Openly gay in a straight world, heavy into drugs and always at odds with those around him, he was nonetheless one of the most under rated heels in history.

Colt made a name for himself both in Arizona and in Washington. In Arizona, he was especially known for his wild feuds with Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tito Montez, Luis Martinez, Kurt Von Steiger and Ron Pritchard.

Read about these two top wrestlers as well as many other sin a fascinating and informative book.

Wrestling In Akron Still Selling Well

Wrestling In Akron, by Dale Pierce, continues to sell well. It is orderable at any book store, through Arcadia  publishing and on Amazon.

Though based in Ohio, many of the people within also worked at the Arizona circuit, including Don Kent, Luis Martinez, Lou Thesz, Don Arnold, Chris Colt, Ron Dupree, Roy Shire, Sheik, Dory Funk, Killer Brooks, Andre, Bobby Jaggers, Bad Boy Hines, Tex McKenzie, Kurt Von Hess, Dizzy Davis, Cowboy Bob Ellis and Buddy Rogers.

There are score of previously unpublished photos within the text as well.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Buddy Austin

Though a mainstay in the west,  Buddy Austin only had a handful of Arizona matches when Roy Shire tried to start running the area. Shire did not last long and he went back to California/Nevada with his crew.

Buddy was seen far more often in California and Texas. Usually, he played the role of a mouthy, strutting heel, who used a piledriver to win things.

One of the high points in Austin's career came in the Los Angeles area when as a heel, he was turned on by partner Fred Blassie, to become a baby. He an Blassie had a number of bloody matches. One of the L.A. bouts which saw both men bathed in blood made it to the magazines.

Strangely, while he was such a draw for a tome in neighboring California, it is mind boggling he did not take or get more Arizona bookings.

Austin died several years ago from a heart attack after retiring from the game.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ian Bear

A relative newcomer to wrestling, but making a name for himself in the western states is Ian Bear. keep an eye out for this guy on indy circuits and keep a close watch on his activities, as he could well become a top star if he continues to improve.

Fir a bigger guy he can really move. This is the general opinion of many who have seen him.

A recent feud with Ore and Randy Zellers our west has again put him over with the fans .

Bear uses a number of power moves in his matches and again, has impressed the fans with his mobility.

Again, keep[ an eye out for this guy. He will be going places if he continues to improve.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Az History Of Wrestling In Results Book To Be Found In Many Az. Libraries .

The History Of Az Wrestling In Results book by Dale Pierce may be ordered at Lulu publishing for those into  those interested in results and selected cards from 1880s to present.   Thesz, Rogers, Sheik, Colt, Ellis, Bearcat Wright, Hutton, Funk, Brazil ,Marino, Sue Green, Moolah, Luis Martinez, Tito Montez, Tito Carreon, Sandy Barr, Spicolli, Von Hess, Hogan, Savage, Rob Dupree,  Gagne, Big  Jim will find them all here.

Several Az libraries should have the book in their system in 2016, including Glendale, Phoenix, Yuma and more.

If you live in Az check your local library system.

Orders at