Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Ain't No Pig Farmer

I Ain't No Pig Farmer, by former promoter Dean Silverstone and released by Crowbar press, continues to sell well. This is a fascinating book told form a promoter's viewpoint rather than a wrestler's for a change.

Silverstone ran a successful show in Washington in the 1970s, but the thing is, he booked many wrestlers from Arizona. These people are noted at varied  lengths in his book.

The late Eddie Sullivan, an Arizona mainstay, has a big part in the book and crops up at varied times. He was evidently pushed quite well in Washington as well, and really over with the fans. There are some interesting behind the scenes tales involving him that show up in the text.

Chris Colt, the controversial icon and late super heel also plays a major role in the text. One of wrestling's most versatile perfumers, though over run by personal demons,  Colt was one of the game's top talents, but cold never manage to keep himself out of trouble. Openly gay in a straight world, heavy into drugs and always at odds with those around him, he was nonetheless one of the most under rated heels in history.

Colt made a name for himself both in Arizona and in Washington. In Arizona, he was especially known for his wild feuds with Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tito Montez, Luis Martinez, Kurt Von Steiger and Ron Pritchard.

Read about these two top wrestlers as well as many other sin a fascinating and informative book.

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