Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lucha Libre Returns To Agua Prieta

On October 9, lucha libre returns to Agua Prieta, Mexico,a cross from Douglas, Arizona at the Municipal Gymnasium.

The card will feature a combination of American and border town Mexican talent including El Sol De Oriente, Impacto Jr., Genesis and Ron "Section 8" Sutherland

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Val Venis In Phoenix

Add Val Venis/Sean Morley to the list of wrestlers who migrated into the Phoenix area to live, such as Honky-tonk Man, Kevin Nash and others.

Venis, seems more intent on political activism, so to speak, as well as for the reformation of marijuana laws. He has created a huge following on Facebook and Twitter. He still does  matches as well and takes bookings.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tony Hernandez

Tony Hernandez celebrated his birthday last week, though few are sure in the wrestling world of his exact age.

A mainstay in Arizona from the late 1960s into the 1990s before retirement, Hernandez held the Arizona title several times. Notable feuds included those Don Fargo, Don Arnold, Jody Arnold, Eddie Sullivan, John Ringer and Nano Ortega.

The Dumpster In The News

Remember ex-wrestler, Duke The Dumpster. Well, he is in the news again. This time it was for an arrest for drug dealing .


Monday, September 16, 2013

Hit Man By Bret Hart

The book has been out for a while now, but may still be found. The autobiography of Bret Hart and much of what is said could be questioned, just as it is with any pro wrestler writing on himself. Still, what is presented makes for an interesting read.

Oddly enough, Hart mentions WWF shows in Phoenix and an interesting encounter with Arizona's grand dirty old woman, Princess Tona Tomah. At long last, the mystery of who made the cartoons of Tomah having sex with Jay Strongbow in the Fairgrounds Coliseum locker room is revealed.

The infamous Montreal Screw Job is dealt with at length, but again, one has to realize how one sided this viewpoint is going to be. Still, an unusual read.

The book is worth a look if you have not seen it yet. Long forgotten people such as Paddy Ryan and Kasavubu show up in print, along with The Stomper, The Sheepherders (Bushwhackers), Frenchy Martin and many more.

The death of a Canadian wrestler via heart attack after a match in Puerto Rico is almost as alarming as the fatal mishap with Owen Hart.

Worth checking out.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dover, Ohio Display

For those living in Ohio, check out the wrestling memorabilia display at the Dover Library, across from the high school, up for the month of October.

The display features a Blue Demon doll form the 1960s, old programs, a copy of Wrestling in Akron, old issues of The ear and Wrestling Then & Now, 1950s trading cards, a mask from indy wrestler Mr. Cock A Doodle Doo who is on the current indy scene, old fliers from around the USA and a signed Mil Mascaras 8by10.

Many of the people who worked Ohio also worked Arizona in promotional/territorial times to escape the snow in the winters.

Bockwinkel Family Denounces Alzheimer Report

The circulating story that Nick Bockwinkel has Alzheimer is being denounced by the family as false.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Section 8 Returns To Tucson

Ron "Section 8" Sutherland, controversial wrestler and promoter, is returning to Arizona to work on a documentary about himself after a ten year absence and to relieve some of the friction between himself and former friends.

There is also an unrelated book about his career titled And The Crowd Goes Wild, being readied for winter.


Health Problems For Stars

A multitude of retired and current wrestlers are suffering from health issues. Keep them in your thoughts.

Nick Bockwinkel is said to be facing the initial stage of Alzheimer at 78. This is the same ailment that killed his father, Warren, some years back. CAC and the Bockwinkel family have all denounced this as false.   .

Billy Anderson has encountered major back problems. He has had to be hospitalized for the same.

The wrestling world has kept as quiet about it as possible, but Bobby Heenan is evidently fighting cancer once more

Jerry Gray has also been fighting cancer for months now. .

Jim McFarland, who wrestled in Arizona as The Golden Eagle, has been ill for months, but no news on his present condition.

David Rose, another mainstay in Arizona, is battling emphysema in Kansas and has done so for years.

Newcomer, Count Coffin, is out of action for the time being with two broken fingers.

Cassandro El Exotico has undergone extensive oral surgery recently.

Scott Hall has been undergoing therapy with Dallas Paige and his program to cope with addictions.

Miss Vicious, out in Phoenix, undergoes some form of surgery next week. No added info.

Diane Von Hoffman is also said to be having varied health issues.