Thursday, January 31, 2013

Death Of Tito Montez

An Arizona wrestling legend passed away up in Oregon on January 30th, when Tito Montez finally lost his battle with Alzheimer.

From the late 1950s into 1978, Tito was a mainstay in Arizona, holding independent versions of the World Tag Team Title and the Arizona title several times. He also had a  run as an Indie US champion which he won from The Spoiler (Mac McFarland) and lost to Jody Arnold. He was considered the Cage Match Champion, an unofficial title given to him by his fans, as he lost only one such match in his career, again to Jody Arnold.

Tito's feud with Jody Arnold lasted several years, from the point where he was introduced to wrestling as "Don Arnold's nephew" until he left the ring.

The Jody vs. Tito thing was a natural, for Tito and Don Arnold had likewise had a long-lasting feud in Arizona that spanned over a decade..

Others Tito faced in his Arizona years, usually in an extended series of grudge matches, included Don Kent. The Comancheros, Kurt Von Steiger, Charlie Carr, Jimmy Kent, Chuck Karbo, Tony Hernandez, Maniac Mike Gordon, Blas Corona, The Medics, Don Fargo, Bobby Mayne (Jaggers), Jim Osborne, Karl Von Brock, Woody farmer, Bearcat Wright, Killer Kane, Henry Pulusso, Sputnik Monroe, John Shane, Duke Keomuka and The Lumberjacks.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Problems From Last Posts Fixed

Problems with the last few blogs which included not getting spell check to work or photos to download, have all been repaired. Corrections made in the text and photos added.

Go figure!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Graham Out Of Hospital

Superstar Billy Graham gave everyone a scare again recently, but as par for the course, has made a comeback.

Last week, Graham was in the hospital in Phoenix and in awful shape due to pneumonia.

Friend and fellow wrestler, Billy Anderson, has reported Graham has since been released from the hospital and is back home.

The Death Of Don Arnold

Don Arnold has passed away from the effect of Alzheimer.

From the early 1950s to 1970, Arnold was a mainstay in Phoenix and one of the greatest heels the area ever saw. He held various belts in the area and had many feuds though in most other territories, he appeared as a fan favorite.

Wrestlers Arnold feuded with in his eternal Arizona run included Charro Azteca, Tito Montez, Luis  Martinez, Gory Guerrero, Phil Melby, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Pancho Pico, Roberto Pico, Armon Hussein, Brute Bemis, the Torres brothers, Les Thatcher, Count Billy Varga, Kangaroo Karson, Ray Gordon, Eddie Lopez, Omar Atlas, Broadway Venus and Al Pago Pago, just to name a few.

Jody Arnold, who came on the scene in 1968 claiemd to be Don"s nephew and Don helped get him off the ground though they were not really related.

A few of Arnold's matches from the Midwest apepar on You Tube. Sadly, nothing seems to survive from Arizona as promoters usually taped over the shows, using the same tpa again and again to save money


Wrestling in Akron June 10 release

Wrestling in Akron from Arcadia Publishing at http://www.arcadiapublishing,com   will be on the stands June 10. It may be ordered from any book store chain also.

Mainly photographic in content, the book includes The Sheik, Chris Kole, Brandon X, Whipper Watson, Brian O, Jake Roberts, Don Eagle,  Hank James, Waldo Von Erich, Hans Schmidt, Kevin Sullivan, Dave McKigney, The Crusaders,. The Mongols, Bull Curry, Fred Curry, Mark Mustang, Bad Boy Hines, Tony Altimore, Ivan Putski, Stan Hanson, Zoltan,  Bobo Brazil and many others.

The book also has photos and bios of many who were regulars in Arizona, including Lou Thesz, Monte Ladue, Benny Mendeblis (he never made it east though he tried as the Midwestern offices felt him too small, a fact noted), Killer Brooks, Ben Justice, Luis Martinez,  Mildred Burke, Dory Funk Jr., Tex Riley, Jerry Graham, Lord Carlton, Mike Mazurki, Primo Carnera , Marvin Mercer, Navajo Warrior and Don Kent.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joyce Grable Fighting Cancer

A speedy recovery is sincerely wished to veteran wrestler, Joyce Grable, who is bravely battling cancer.