Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jeanie Wolf

Jeanie Wolf, the stepdaughter of Mildred Burke, traveled the country as part of a carnival like all girl  promotion, but while she was seen in many parts of the  USA,  she did not live long enough to be famous.

When she is remembered at all, she is remembered for her death in a tag team match in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she slumped into unconsciousness, much like Perro Aguayo Jr years later and never woke up, passing away from brian trauma of some form or another.

Though young in age and heart, she had already been well-versed and seen in many different parts of the USA, from coast to coast. How far she might have gone had her luck changed is anyone's guess. Eternal greatness was not to be her destiny.

Reportedly. on the night of her death, she had not wanted to go into the ring and had been feeling badly, but feared the reaction of Billy Wolf and Mildred Burke if she opted out of the match. She might have been wiser to have taken that chance.

Dave Turner In Ohio

Western indy star, Dave Turner, a snarling, muscular heel with a  shaved head and one of the best wrestlers in his area is going to be in Ohio for a limited time in March. Info soon.

Time Traveler In California & Oregon In December & January

Iconic Arizona manager, The Time Traveler, will be seen on many Indy cards in Washington and Oregon in the winter. An Arizona return is in the works.

Alfonso Dantes

Dantes started wrestling at 17-years-old in 1960 in Morelia using the name of Edmundo Dantes after going through rigorous training from his maestro Diablo Velasco. Alfonso came from great stock as his father Al Amezcua (Golden Terror) was a great wrestler and his brother Vick Amezcua would go on to fame as Septiembre Negro. Alfonso took the hair of many wrestlers with the best known being El Faraon & El Halcon who was his main rival throughout their careers. Alfonso also held many titles as he was an Occidental Middleweight champion, which started his legendary run in his home of Guadalajara, 3-time Mexican National Lt. Heavyweight champion, 5-time NWA World Lt. Heavyweight champion (which was considered “his title”), and a 2-time Mexican National Heavyweight champion.

Dantes was seen occasionally in Arizona on live shows via visiting lucha promoters. He was also known as a regular on Arizona tv thanks to the Galavison lucha show.  

He died some time back. His reputation lives on.

Vader Health Issues

Big Van Vader has repordedly encoutnered major health issues, with some rumors circulating he may just have an esitmated tow eyars to live.

We wish him well.