Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Death Of Stan Pulaski

Stan Pulaski passed away from natural causes a few weeks ago.

He wrestled in Arizona in the late 1950s and early 1960s under various Russian routines.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

George Temple

George Temple was the actual brother of famed childhood actress Shirley Temple. While he never matched her fame, he won plenty of recognition on his own within his own realm, as a star oft he squared circle.

Throughout the  late 1940s into the 1950s, Temple wrestled around the United States, though most of his actions were in the California area, where he lived.

Due to the proximity to Los Angeles and a convenient drive by car, Temple made b numerous Arizona appearances.

One his his greatest Arizona encounters is said to ahve been a 2/3 fall match with on again/off again World Jr,. Heavyweight champion, Gorilla Ramos. This took place in Tucson on April 11, 1951 at the Arizona Sports Center arena. The building was sold out.

Temple also had matches in Yuma, Pheonix, Casa Grande, Mesa and Superior.

While he tended to wrestle as a baby face or fan favorite in California, he took on the role as heel, breaking the rules in his Arizona matches. It was in this function that he offered his classic encounter with Ramos in Tucson.

El Estudiante

There have been various wrestlers in Mexico using the name of El Estudiante or "The Student" and as inside humor, George Steele did this routine under a hood, calling himself The Student in Detroit, while teaching  school by day

Arizona also had an Estudiante for a while and this was established area grappler,  Paco Nunez, wearing a red mask and hood. They called him El Estudiante because it seemed as good as anything else.

Under the masked role, Nunez had some exceptional matches with Tony Hernandez in Phoenix, when Barry Bernsten was running in the early 1980s. If memory serves right, he lost to Hernandez in these encoutners.

As he did before donning the hood, Nunez eventually unmasked and continued as himself, unhooded. El Estudiante was clearly not meant to be a lasting thing.

Museo Taurino

It is all but obligatory for wrestlers to at least make one bad movie if opportunistic to do so. Lanny Poffo as in a really horrible werewolf movie a few years back and Tor Johnson did those films for Ed Wood.  Primo Carnera was in Hercules Unchained and Kiwi Kingston was in The Evil Of Frankenstein. Me.Insanity was in The Dead Don't Stay That Way.Then we have Hulk Hogan. Do we even want to go there.......

I did my part a few years back under the name of Mr. ??? in Museo Taurino for Blue Kat Barnyard films of Canton. Essentially, I did little more than do my nut role like in wrestling.

To see trailers simply go to You Tube and log in Museo Taurino film in search.

The movie may still be rogered on Amazon. Again simply go to any search and log in Museo Taurino DVD plus and links will come up for this.

The story has me as Don Guillermo Monclova and the plot concerns this man, driven insane, with a bizarre revenge plan agaisnt a writer named Carlos Sanchez. It is not a wrestling film, but a bullfight film on the surface and a horror film throughout. The bullfight, for those in the know, is one of my other loves.

There are some similarities, as the movie notes. As in wrestling, the bullfight world is full of corruption behind the scenes, which the fans seldom see. In this case, Don Guillermo becomes a crusader against the wickedness in this realm, striking down those he deems worthy of his attention. He goes more and more crazy as he builds plans to trap his next victim and one wonders if he will even be able to pull it off.

He does.

The movie was shot on a budget making the late ed Wood look like Tim Burton. It is what it is.

On the tradition of Hogan, Carnera, Johnson, Poffo and others I  feel like I did my part to play in a low budget movie.

Check it out.

If you desire.....
Or don't.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Exorcist Dies

Dick Cole who worked as The Exorcist in the early 1980s passed away early in 2012, with news just now starting to spread in the wrestling world.

Usually wrestling as a fan favorite who claimed to take the name of The Exorcist because he intended to run the forces of evil out of the sport, Cole was charismatic as a performer.

Arizona feuds included bloody matches with John Ringer, Mad Dog Marcial Bovee, The Lumberjacks and Maniac Mike Gordon.

The Death Of Bobby Mayne

Bobby Mayne/Jaggers has passed away in Kansas at the age of 64 from what appears to have been a heart attack.

In the 1970s, Bobby was a mainstay in Arizona, teaming with Jay Dillon, Chris Colt and Jody Arnold. he also had many wild and bloody singles matches feuds.

Among his matches at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden were encounters with Ron Dupree, Flama Roja, Sergio Saravia, Chief Big Heart and Jimmy Valentine.

His most notable feud was with Tito Montez, whom he defeated while covered with blood in a Loser Leave Town Match.

He and Jody Arnold also did the unthinkable in turning hated "Nazi" wrestler Kurt Von Steiger into an instant fan favorite when they doublecrossed him.

Mayne and Von Steiger met in a lengthy set of matches including a Hair vs Hair Match (which Jaggers lost after being tricked into signing a contract for any type of match Steiger wished....interesting as Steiger was bald already). a German Death Bout and Taped Fist Match. Most fo their encounters were bloody.

Mayne would leave Arizona and return briefly when Larry Hennig attempted to run, this time using the Bobby Jaggers name for which he became more famous. His last two Az. matches were a Phoenix encounter with Moose Morowski and a tag team match in Tempe where he and Ray Stevens took on Dory Funk Jr. and Chris Taylor.