Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Death Of Bobby Mayne

Bobby Mayne/Jaggers has passed away in Kansas at the age of 64 from what appears to have been a heart attack.

In the 1970s, Bobby was a mainstay in Arizona, teaming with Jay Dillon, Chris Colt and Jody Arnold. he also had many wild and bloody singles matches feuds.

Among his matches at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden were encounters with Ron Dupree, Flama Roja, Sergio Saravia, Chief Big Heart and Jimmy Valentine.

His most notable feud was with Tito Montez, whom he defeated while covered with blood in a Loser Leave Town Match.

He and Jody Arnold also did the unthinkable in turning hated "Nazi" wrestler Kurt Von Steiger into an instant fan favorite when they doublecrossed him.

Mayne and Von Steiger met in a lengthy set of matches including a Hair vs Hair Match (which Jaggers lost after being tricked into signing a contract for any type of match Steiger wished....interesting as Steiger was bald already). a German Death Bout and Taped Fist Match. Most fo their encounters were bloody.

Mayne would leave Arizona and return briefly when Larry Hennig attempted to run, this time using the Bobby Jaggers name for which he became more famous. His last two Az. matches were a Phoenix encounter with Moose Morowski and a tag team match in Tempe where he and Ray Stevens took on Dory Funk Jr. and Chris Taylor.

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