Thursday, September 20, 2012


I do not know a great deal about him except I assume his last name is Guzman and hence the Guzmania thing.

A rotund Hispanic grappler, he may well remind older fans of the retired Eli Hernandez. Though he had been around beforehand, Guzmania started making wave sin about 2010 and continues to do so at this writing.

Sometimes cheered and sometimes booed, he seems more comfortable in a  heel role, in the shade of the late Playboy Buddy Rose, where he places overemphasis on his supposedly tremendous physical condition, when he is in fact quite overweight.

Don't let the "fat" thing fool you though, as he also has legitimate upper body power and can go long matches in spite of what his appearance might imply..

Several Guzmania matches may be found on you tube now.

This includes one of his best encounters with High Alert Cody Baker.

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