Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peggy Connors

Peggy Connors was one of several wrestlers who happened to drift through Arizona, but did not stay long. Her name crops up in results data for different areas, but she only had a  short Arizona stint before moving on.

In 1976, she had a feud with Marilyn Bender, the top female heel in the area at the time. Bender was as underhanded as they come and frankly, brawled like a man. She was also overbearing and annoying on the microphone with an arrogance few women could match.

Bender stayed in Arizona and New Mexico for quite a while, extending throughout the mid-1970s into the early 1980s, acing a number of female competitors such as Daisy Mae, Ann Casey and Mrs. Wrestling. Connors was one of the others to come through, lose to her in a short feud and depart.

Connors was billed a being from California and was the exact opposite of the hated Bender. She posed for photos  signed autographs and was loved by the fans during her Arizona stay, which saw her facing Bender in casa Grande, Yuma, Tucson, Phoenix and other areas under the promotional hand of Paul Harvey.

One of the reasons she might not have stayed would have been the Paul Harvey pay offs, which were usually rock bottom.

Even though she and Bender had exemplary matches, Connors more likely than not saw a bad deal and headed for greener pastures.

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