Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Wrestler and trainer, Larry Sharpe, passed away adter a long illness.

He never wrestled in Arizona, but many trainees of his did, including Arizona natives Sergeant Shiltz  and Steve Vega.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Time Traveler Returns

See indy veteran manager The Time Traveler and past Arizona icon in action on April 1 on the card at Poblanitas in Bremerton, Washington at 7 pm


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mr Wright

Cole Wright or Mr Wright comes form Yuma, Arizona and spent a god deal of his early career in Arizona, working not only for the varied promotiosn there, but alsoa cross the broder in Mexico where he tuned up his skills He remains a charismatic and itneresting eprformer.

Recently, Wright drifted up to Washington, though there are indications he will be campaigning in  a trip back to Arizona soon. In the meantime, he has been teaming with fellow Arizonan, Ron Von Hess (Sutherland) in a wild tag team feud with Jimmy Flame and Mr Fitness. the latter two have been seen being managed, by yet another Arizonan, The Time Traveler. .

Wright and Von Hess hold the tag team title for the Washington based SCW at this time, recently making a successful efense of the crown against the Flame/Fitness combo in Bremerton.

Von Hess is also supposed to be making a return to Arizona, briefly, in three weeks, with Wright soon to follow for a stopover. .

Do not look for the pair to leave Washington on a lasting basis any time soon as they have become big draws there. 

Von Ludwig

Hans Schmidt, Kurt Von hess, Hans Mueller, Waldo Von Erich, Horst Hoffman? These are relicsf rom the past. Some contend the odl German routine i dead, but nto wreally. Western states are seeing a new Grman heel in the form fo Von Ludwif, a smirking,m smiling nastard with lonh blonde hair and an arrogance worthy of the Master Race.

Von Ludwig has been appearing for nuemrous promotipns in a number of states and making a name for hismelf as a sneaky, loudmouthed heel, liek someone put in a time machine and placed here from the 1970s.

On a recent crd, he seemed miffed to be in an opener rather than a main event and offered a grueling match to one Kristian Kross, though oddly enough, he ended up losing. Even more strangely was the fact the fans went with him rather than Kross, which did not sit well with the German villain, who prefers books. . He afterward denied that he was "turning good" and hated the fans as much as always.

"ecan cheer whatever way they like," Von Ludwig snarled after the match. "I do not care either way, but on the other hand you will never see me catering to them. I want them to hate me This was just a case of being matched with another rule breaker, which will not happen often."

Thus Von Ludwig marches on his way as a new master of evil in the wrestling world.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

CC Starr's Father Dies

Longtime Arizona wrestler, CC Starr, suffered the death of his father in march. The father never wrestled, but was a regular attendee at Arizona cards in the 1980s and 1990s.

Ron Bass Dies

Following his heroes, Don, in Death, Outlaw Ron Bass has also passed away.

Bass was known as a cowboy heel and a contrast to "cowboy wrestlers" from the past such as Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cowboy Bob Yuma abd Cowboy Carlson.

He was seen on occasion with the big leagues when they ran Phoenix and Tucson, but never a regular there.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Johnny K9 Dies

Add Johnny K-9 to the list of many wrestlers who have passed in February, making it one of the worst months ever.

Cause of his death wa simply given as natural causes.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nicole Bass Dies

In a scary and difficult week, it is also found that woman star and female body builder Nicole Bass has also passed away. Unconfirmed reports say she had a stroke.

Koloff Dies

Sadly, after reporting on the extreme ollness of Ivan Koloff a short time ago, it becomes a sad task to tell everyone not already aware that he died this morning.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Steele Dies

 George Steele  has passed awat after a lenghty illness and recent transfer to a hospice., He was 79.

 Steele made  career out of playing a maniac role where in real life he was a Detroit school teacher for many years.

In the early 1990s he won a battle with colon cancer and actually continued to wrestle some matches with a colostomy bag, which fans were oblivious of.

An era has come to an end.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Randy Taylor Running Shows

Randy taylor, veteran Washington wrestler, has started running shows in Port Orchard, Washington, with plans to run elsewhere. Aside from using the best of Washington and Oregon people, he has also spoken of bringing in people from California and Arizona. Some Canadians have already been brought down for his cards.

Meet Dale Pierce August 3

Meet Dale Pierce on August 3 at the author fest event at the Thurston County Fair in Lacey,Washington.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Koloff Fighting Liver Cancer

Just as news broke of Chavo Guerrero dying from liver vcancer, it has been revealed Ivan Koloff has the same sickness.

Koloff needs no introduction to the fans.  .

He is bets known as "The Russian Vear" and as the man who defeated Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF (WWE) World title, only to lose it to Pedro Morales a short time later.

He also teamed with "nephew" Nikita abd others, but wa sbest known for singles action.

We will keep people updated.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

For A Change In Pace

For a change in pace, hear Dale Pierce's lecture on defunct railroads at the Woodinville Historical Society  museum in Woodinville, Wa , on April 15 at 10:30 am.

On sale will be copies of tales From The Rails at


Chavo Guerrero sr. has passed away due to cancer of the liver.

Though an international star, Chavo was not as prominent in Arizona as his brothers Eddie and Mando or his famed father Gory.

Gory was actually from Ray, Arizona, not Mexico and was a mainstay in Arizona in the 1950s and 1960s, serving as founder of the wrestler family clan. 

Chavo was accomplished as both heel and baby.

He may also be seen as the evil Indian wrestler in the comedy film, The One & Only.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Check Out The Owen Hart Foundation

Pay Tony Altimore A Visit

Give the late wrestler and WWF bookinh agent a visit of you are back eastward. Ho call on the late Tony Altimore.

   Tony Altimore (real name Tony Altomore) served as half of The Sicilians tag team with Lou Albano and while using this routine, reportedly received a visit from the real mafia when doing the act in Chicago, where they were asked to tone down their antics. After his retirement, Altimore worked for a number of years with the WWF offices. He died in 2003.  His grave may be found within the Spring Grove Cemetery in Darien, Connecticut.  

More information on Altimore and other deceased wrestlers may be found in the book, The Last Bell Call. Orders at .

John Cosper Plans New Book

John Cosper, on the verge of his books on Lord Carlton and Blue Grass Brawlers, is preparing, reportedly, a new book on Lexington wrestling .

Keep in mind many wretslers over the decades who appeared here also appeared in Arizona such as Hans Schnabel, Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo, Jerry Lawler, Eddie Sullivan, Rip Tyler, Dick Dunn, Len Rossi and many more.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Last Bell Call To Be Sold At Shows

Dale Pierce's The Last Bell Call, a grim but fascinating directory of death in pro wrestling, will be available shortly at several merchandise tables at shows in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. The book may also be ordered at

The book includes profiles and burial or cremation/ash scattering data on many deceased wrestlers, fmaous and not so famous.

Stephen De Leon, Buddy Rogers, Thesz, Carnera, Angelo Poffo, Gorgeous George, Londos, Gorilla Monsoon, Mike Awesome, Moolah, Bobo Brazil, Sheik, Ron Dupree, Don Arnold, Eddie Lope, Narry NBernsten, Eddie Sullivan, the Grahams, Luna, Andre, Savage, Wahoo McDaniel, Igor, Wild Man Zimm, Haans Schnabel, Santo, Blue Demon, Los Toros 1 and 2, Mike Hordon, Eddie Sullivan, Rip Tyler, Eddie Gilbert, Jack Brisco,The  Lumberjack, Tito Montez, Logger Larson, Eddie Guerrero, Chuck Karbo,  Art Barr, the Von Erichs, Ricky Romero, Bobby Pico and many, many more are included.  

Bambi Hall

Meet Bambi Hall ,a fresh and rising star from out of Canada, making a name for herself in the western USA as of this writing, with even more promising results to go.

Hall comes from Canada, where she was trained by Michelle (Mark) Starr, a name well recognized in the California/Arizona feom years gone by. Starr, himself, was curiously trained by Arizona. mainstay Billy Anderson.

Keep an eye on this girl as she is making the rounds among promotions and becoming a big draw among the independents.

In February she is booked for a set of matches in Bremerton and other Washington towns, with several more US bookings in varied states being looked into. She is also very active in her native Canada.

Rex KIng Dies

Veteran wrestler Rex King passed away a few weeks ago after a long illness.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Jimmy Snuka Dies

Jimmy Snuka has passed away dein cancer at the age of 73.

 Over the years, Snuka had notable feuds with Bob Backlund, Roddy Piper and others. He was especially known for a high flying finisher off the top rope.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Milkman In Poor Health

Jake The Milkman, who was seen on televised tape and when Gagne tried his failed bids at doing shows in Az many years ago, is said to be very sick. The people of this blog wish him a fast recovery.

The Milkman was a "carpenter" for the AWA, specializing in creative ways to lsoe and make his opponent look good, hence "building his opponent" up.