Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Von Ludwig

Hans Schmidt, Kurt Von hess, Hans Mueller, Waldo Von Erich, Horst Hoffman? These are relicsf rom the past. Some contend the odl German routine i dead, but nto wreally. Western states are seeing a new Grman heel in the form fo Von Ludwif, a smirking,m smiling nastard with lonh blonde hair and an arrogance worthy of the Master Race.

Von Ludwig has been appearing for nuemrous promotipns in a number of states and making a name for hismelf as a sneaky, loudmouthed heel, liek someone put in a time machine and placed here from the 1970s.

On a recent crd, he seemed miffed to be in an opener rather than a main event and offered a grueling match to one Kristian Kross, though oddly enough, he ended up losing. Even more strangely was the fact the fans went with him rather than Kross, which did not sit well with the German villain, who prefers books. . He afterward denied that he was "turning good" and hated the fans as much as always.

"ecan cheer whatever way they like," Von Ludwig snarled after the match. "I do not care either way, but on the other hand you will never see me catering to them. I want them to hate me This was just a case of being matched with another rule breaker, which will not happen often."

Thus Von Ludwig marches on his way as a new master of evil in the wrestling world.

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