Friday, April 29, 2016

Burt Ringo

There have been a couple wrestlers to take the name of Ringo in wrestling, usually doing a cowboy routine after the alleged gunman, John Ringo from 1880 Arizona.  More recently, enter Burt Ringo of California, who now makes his way to Alaska and wrestles regularly up there.

Alaska ha had a tradition for wrestling, though sporadically run, dating back to the 1900s when Frank Gotch went up that way with a carnival under the name of Frank Kennedy, bilking gullible miners for bets in the old Stay Ten Minutes With the Champ angle.

There is a new group up there holding shows now.  Burt Ringo remains one of their top draws as a high-flying grappler under a mask.

More and more people are finding out about him, as he and some of the others wit the promotion have been drifting down through Canada, into the lower half of the USA. They have made it as far as the southwestern states, where they have received favored reaction from the fans, but have not become regulars as of yet. They have, however, all caught on and Ringo should be back soon.

 Keep an eye out for Burt Ringo as hopefully you will not have to go all the way to Alaska to see him in action. With travels into the southwest  as noted, you all may get your chance.

Ringo has also recently seen matches in the Washington/Oregon area.

The Spartan

In the  1970s, The Spartan worked the southwestern USA, sometimes as baby and sometimes as heel, but usually hearing cheers from the crowd. he received a modest push in Amarillo, both on house shows and television, which helped him gain bookings in other areas as well.

Dressed in black, with a black mask, he claimed he took the name of The Spartan because of the intense training he put himself through maybe so, as he was in shape.

His identity remains a blank to this blogger, though an expert on the Amarillo office might be able to pinpoint who was under the hood.

The Spartan's biggest feuds were with Moose Murkowski and Butcher Brower, where he was cheered for giving the villains a dose of their own medicine.

He used a routine body slam as  finishing move, but keep in mind this was in an era where moves now used for spots were ending endeavors.

Though Texas remained his home base, he was seen occasionally in Arizona and New Mexico as well. Already recognized form the Amarillo tapes that were being aired in these places on tv as well, he was able to draw a reasonable amount of interest with the fans.

The Spartan wa usually a mid card attraction, but always put out his best effort.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Freak Show

Western states have always had oddball wrestlers, but manager Sam Simms has a real pair here in the form of Sideshow and Otis The Redneck.

Sideshow is a huge, psychotic clown, not so much a derivation of Doink, but the murdering character in American Horror Story.

Otis looks like kin to the Deliverance rapists.

Thus far, the trio have been gaining a lot of heat and seem to have just the right manager & wrestler relationship.  They could develop into top draws on the Indy scene.

If they are not the greatest in the game, they have to be the strangest.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wrestling In Akron Still Sells

With the author having just beaten prostate cancer, look for a new marketing push for Wrestling in Akron form Arcadia Publishing. the book may be ordered in any boos store and found on Amazon.

Many of the people depicted in the book, which is primarily photographic, with many previously unpublished stills, also worked the west, especially to avoid the Ohio winters.

Never before seen photos of Dory Funk, Ben Justice, Killer Brooks, Bill Anderson, Jerry Graham, Luis Martinez, Gold Dust, Brian Pillman, Bobo Brazil, Don Kent, Lou Thesz, Dave Levin, The Smoking Guns, Chris Colt and others who worked both parts of the USA appear.

The book also has loads of trivia and interesting bios.

Death Of Chyna

Details are very sparse, but the death of former WWF star, Chyna, has been conformed. She was evidently found dead in her apartment. No other info is available.

Chyna had a major run for several years in the WWF, but upon her release, was never truly able to recapture her fame elsewhere. She had gone from a wrestling superstar to making adult films and working the convention circuit selling autographed photos to fans.

Keep an eye open as this story unfolds.  .

Death Of Even Colder

Mike Rice, who worked around the country claiming to be Steve Austin's brother as Mike "Even Colder" Austin has died. Death details are not known.

Rive evidently and incredibly received permission from Austin to use the routine after winning Steve Austin Lookalike contest.

Even Colder was a replica of Stone Cold, flipping the crowd off, swilling beer and even using the same finisher.

How good he was at the routine would be debatable.  In some places, he was wildly cheered by the people, but in others he was scoffed at as a poor man's rip-off of a popular shtick.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mascaras In Arizona

While he was a regular in California, Texas and the Mexican border, Mil Mascaras had relatively few showings in Arizona.

Those he did have were later in his career in the 1990s.

A local Indy promoter brought him in to face Sgt. Shultz in 1992 or so, which resulted in a fairly fast victory as Shultz was sick but  went through with the bout.

Shultz has the runs."Whay was I expected to do? Wrestle with shit in my pants?"

Mascaras also appeared on AAA cards at the fairgrounds for a special event during the Az. State Fair,  where he faced KGB out of California.

On the other hand, his appearances across the border in Nogales and San Luis Rio Colorado were many. In Nogales, he frequently teamed with the local hero, Resplandor .

In neighboring California, mascaras was likewise a regular, feuding with The Sheik, Billy Graham, John Tolos and others.

Mascaras was better known to Arizona fans thanks to appearances on Galavision's cable wrestling show in the 1980s.