Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Death Of Tito Carreon

Veteran wrestler Tito Carreon passed away yesterday.

Tito had some matches in Arizona several decades ago, but traveled the globe and was known as a beloved, as well as charismatic performer.

After retirement, Tito spent many years assisting Sandy Barr in Portland with his wrestling school and promotion.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Twin Devils

The Twin Devils were real life identical twin brothers who reached the big time in Mexico, but were also seen in the Southwest in the 1980s.

Aside from occasional appearances in Arizona, they were also regulars in Los Angeles at the Olympic. As a tag team, they were notorious for swigging off with each other, when one was in  trouble and the other was fresh.  The two provoked a  lot of heat with this maneuver.

By the mid 1980s they just seemed to fade. No one seems to know what became of them.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Big Jim Wright

Big Jim Wright was a mainstay in Arizona for many years, feuding with the likes of Don Arnold, Phil Melby, Tito Montez, the Torres brothers and more. He was known for a spectacular airplane spin to end his matches and was always in the main events.  

In 1963, Wright died from a heart attack in the midst of a tag team match at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden. After being double teamed by Don Arnold and Chuck Karbo, he took several elbows to the throat before staggering into his corner to tag out. While leaning on the ropes, he suddenly grabbed his chest and fell from the ring apron, hitting his head on the hard arena floor as he fell.

Monty Ladue, who was refereeing the match, maintained for years Wright had died via an elbow to the throat and not the fatal heart attack that really took him, in order to put some spin with doubters about wrestling being "fake" into play.

The problem was Wright stayed way past his prime and was in nod condition to still be wrestling at the pace he tried.

He should have known when to get out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Mystery Of Bob Sallee

Bob Sallee was a popular referee and sometimes wrestler in the Phoenix area, who has been mentioned already fr4om time to time  here. With the anniversary of his passing coming soon, once again, his death remains a mystery. Why did he do it? No one knew then and no one knows now.

Over thirty years have passed since the night in Phoenix where Sallee was attending a party and seemed fairly happy, though not drunk. For whatever reason, he excused himself and went back to his own apartment rather than the apartment in his complex where he had been whooping it up.

All of a sudden, a shot rang out and people found him dead with a gun inn his hand. There was no indication of foul play whatsoever and no indication he had been depressed, let alone suicidal. Yet for whatever reason, he chose to end it all with a bullet to the head.  

Surprisingly few wrestlers attended his funeral. He was buried in his referee shirt.

Sallee got his start in wrestling in the late 1970s as a student of David Rose.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Remembering Firpo

The anniversary of the murder of Firpo Zbysco passed without much fanfare,  as it always does. A big, walrus-like man who spent more time in Arizona as a referee rather than a wrestler, he had his peculiarities, but was beloved by those  who knew him. He liked to drink his beer hot and could drink anyone under the table. He also knew his stuff in the ring.

As a wrestler Firpo traveled the USA for decades, sometimes in a main event and sometimes on the undercard. he had feuds with Wild Man Zim, The Comancheros and The Satin Medic, with his last hurrah as a wrestler being against these last three in Phoenix. he was, for the sake of trivia, the first opponent a very green and later legendary Rocky Johnson faced in the ring.

Firpo was knifed in a Phoenix bar when he stepped between tow drunks and tried to break up a fight. One of the drunks fatally stabbed him and he died on the operating table.

He was buried in his wrestling gear.

La Fiera

Arturo Cacso "La Fiera" was a fiery villain on the Mexican lucha scene and a major draw throughout the 1980s. Southwestern fans will remember him from almost weekly appearances on the wrestling shows done by Galavision, shown internationally on cable, as well as his infrequent appearances in the USA, on rare occasions where he did not have prior bookings.

Though a hot item as an individual wrestler, Fiera frequently teamed with fellow rule breakers MX1,  Pirata Morgan and Mocho Cotta on a number of occasions, usually in main events. He helped draw massive crowds to arenas in Juarez, Tijuana, Mexico City, Guadalajara and other huge Mexican venues. He made a fortune out of being hated by the fans, who came time and time hoping to see someone beat him, but a bohemian lifestyle took its toll. He lost most of the money he made, spent some time in jail, had numerous brushes with the law and was reputedly heavily involved in the drug trade with Mexican mob ties.  

After retirement due to said lifestyle and a multitude of earlier ring injuries, Fiera sadly slid further and further down the drain. Then, the final bill came in.

Fiera was "offed" in a way that clearly indicated mob ties, when he was both shot and stabbed repeated times. The killing was done in an extremely graphic way in order to supposedly "send a message" to other  would-be "problem children" in the drug trade.

As one of the net writers, Bob Crumby, put it on his Facebook page, "They (the mob?) "Julius Ceasered" his ass.  They stabbed that guy til he looked like Swiss cheese and shot him too. They were making sure he wa snot only dead, but REALLY dead. They killed him so everyone would take note. He got involved in a  world even more dangerous than pro wrestling, where you just don't fuck around."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Help Ron Sutherland

Ron Sutherland has had to suck up the funeral expenses for his daughter who like most young people carried no life insurance. Help him with funds at http://gofundme.com under the Help Bring Cassie Home heading.