Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rudy Lopez

Rudy Lopez was one of the many obscure wrestlers who made a name for himself in Arizona, but was not well known elsewhere in the game. He was essentially a carpenter or journeyman specializing in making opponents look strong.

Lopez was neither good nor bad, but in between, being cheered when he fought hated villains and booed when he wrestled fan favorites. he was seen in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Yuma, Nogales, Douglas and Benson, among other places.

People he faced included Don Arnold. Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tito Montez, Luis Martinez, Don Kent and Blas Corona.

On most cards, he was billed as being form San Diego, California which may have been real and may have been a fabrication.

Whatever became of him is a mystery.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Time Traveler Heads West

The Time Traveler, popular veteran manager, recently lost a big "If my man does not win in the battle royal, I leave Ohio" match in MEWL, making it possible for him to head west for a six month stint.

Look for Traveler to be seen in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California and the Mexican border shortly.

He is seen in this photo being "evicted" after his man lost on the previously noted card.  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Meet Dale Pierce May 2

Book signing at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Massillon, Ohio, prior to the Undaground Wrestling show. Doors open at 6 pm.

Copies of Wrestling in Akron,  And The Crowd Goes Wild and The History of AZ Wrestling will be available.

Death of Verne Gagne

Former World champion and outstanding wrestler in both pro and amateur ranks, Verne Gagne, passed away after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer.

Known worldwide, Gagne first appeared in Arizona briefly in the 1950s, facing Monty Ladue and others in Tucson, but was never a regular on the cards.

As a promoter, Arizona was bad luck for him. He tried to establish himself in Tucson in the 1970s briefly and the same with Phoenix in the 1980s. Independents always outlasted him and his budget priced too great for him.

Over the years, Gagne 's greatest feuds were with Nick Bockwinkel, Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher and the Vachon brothers.

In the early1970s, he played a pro wrestler in the movie, The Wrestler, not to be confused with the film from the 2000's of the same title.

Gagne was known for the use of the sleeper hold to win most of his pro matches.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Tucson Promotion Web

TUCSON, Arizona-April 17th, 2015-High Impact Wrestling (HIW) launched it’s new official website today located at http://highimpactonline.com. Featuring all the latest news in the world of Southern Arizona’s longest running professional wrestling promotion, HighImpactOnline.com will also keep fans up-to-date with all the current information on the events that HIW runs weekly across Tucson and Southern Arizona. It will also provide a home for all of the video distributed by the promotion.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ron Sutherland In Japan

Ron Sutherland, known as Section 8 in Arizona and Ron Von Hess in Washington, is booked for Japan .

Never too late to say never and never too late to silence the critics.

Go for it!

Meet Dale Pierce April 18

Meet Dale Pierce April 18 at the MEWL wrestling show in Alliance, Ohio, signing copies of Wrestling in Akron and The History of Arizona Wrestling. 7-8 pm prior to show.