Sunday, August 2, 2015

Death Of Cindy Hicks

Cindy Hicks, the wife of wrestling writer Tim Hicks, who also did considerable referee work in Arizona and some managing as Dr. Thom Parks, passed away August 1 after a lengthy battle with a number of health issues.

Give Bobby Jaggers A Visit

If you are ever in Dunlap, Kansas, stop by the Dunlap Cemetery and give Bobby Jaggers a visit.

Bobby originally wrestled in Arizona in the early 1970s as Bobby Mayne, feuding with Chief Big Heart, Flama Roja, Rob Dupree, Kurt Von Steiger , Tito Montez and others. Using the Mayne name evidently got him in a lot of trouble when he ran into Lonnie Mayne, who did not take kindly to him claiming to be a "brother." Thus, Bobby Jaggers was born.


Meet Dale Pierce October 30

Meet Dale Pierce at Orca Books in downtown Olympia, Washington, October 30, signing copies of his varied wrestling books.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Krazy G

Krazy G first appeared in Arizona in the late 2000s, coming in from California where he likewise saw activity. Well, he's still around and is supposed to be making his way back to Arizona this year.

On the Indy scene he has feuded with another relative unknown, but nonetheless colorful performer by the name of Death Clock.

There have been better "gangster wrestlers" in the past to come through the west, including the ultra controversial New Jack and in Tucson, the lanky Gangsta Man. Krazy G may be a new face and name, but the role is not all that unique. Still, it will be interesting to see what he can do with the routine and if he gets a push this go around.

Good luck, Krazy G.

Death Of Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper passed away  on July 31. Need anything more be said?

In life he made us laugh, boo, jeer and cheer.

In death...he makes the strongest of men fight to keep from crying.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kellen Raeth

In  a throwback to arrogant strutting heels from the past like Buddy Rogers, Don Arnold and the Grahams, Kellen Raeth is a standout in modern wrestling. Trained by Dash Venture Sullivan and Buddy Wayne in the Seattle area,  he has been making a name for himself throughout the west. He is a throwback to days long gone.

All he has to do is step through the curtains from the locker room and spread his arms in an expression of "here I am" to get the crowd going. Belittling pins, finishing off his opponent with a finger or foot on their prostrate bodies,  smirking poses in the middle of a match as he has the upper hand and a firm knowledge of ring psychology so lacking in many you see today says it all. The minute he enters the ring, the people in the stands know he is bad, just by the way he carries himself. Even people unfamiliar with him, know they are supposed to boo him.

A recent feud with Randy "The Pimp" Taylor has offered fans a series of "old school" matches at their best.

Kellen's wife is also a capable lady wrestler.