Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dave Turner

Western states are seeing an interesting heel in the form of Dave Turner, out of Everett, Washington. A muscular grappler with a shaven head  and arrogant demeanor, this wrestler has provoked the attention of fans and writers alike as he demonstrates his ability for a number of Indy groups.

Owning a wide variety of submission holds and destructive finishing moves, he has piled up quite a number of wins in several states. Most recently, in Washington, he utterly demolished his opponent Christian Cross, a newcomer who never had a match before and was smashed in his encounter with the more experienced Turner, who showed no mercy.

Turner is expected to see bookings upcoming in several different states and is, as we like to note with interesting wrestlers here, someone to keep an eye on.

The Psycho Circus

Meet the Psycho Circus, a new team of psychotic clowns, made up of Sideshow and Funny Milo, who have been making the rounds in several western states for the Indy circuits.

While the two dress as clowns, there is nothing funny about either man, as they maul their way through tag team after tag team.

Evil clowns are again, nothing new in wrestling, but these two remain two of the best of them.

"There has always been something scary about clowns," commented indy wrestler Danny Donavan. "They are funny when performing in a circus ring, but take them out of that environment and they become downright frightening. McMahon knew this when he  made Doink, before turning him baby. The cartoonist who made Kristy in The Simpsons knew this. Some years back there was a porno horror film called Clown Porn and they got the idea too. Clowns can be really frightening. Look how many horror films have offered killer clowns. Look at Insane Clown Posse. With all this in mind, the new tag team here capitalizes on everyone's fears. It's funny to watch the reaction of the crowd. Milo and Sideshow scare the shit out of little kids. I think it's funny."

Thus, The Psycho Circus marches onward, leaving destruction in their path.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

George Steele in Arizona

George Steele had the usual run in Arizona while touring with the WWF.

One of the early episodes did raise eyebrows as it was in the era before the WWF started to outright deny kayfabe and turned to sports entertainment. In a tag team match, Steele was supposed to gnaw on a turnbuckle as was his tradition, but could not get the fixed one to chew up and the routine was aborted.

A livid Vince McMahons sent the four men back into the ring with the identical match and identical finish, reshooting with Steele gnawing the turnbuckle, in front of the entire crowd. if the audience wa not "smart" before, they sure were after that.  

Steele had other matches in Phoenix. Arguably one of his best was a pairing with  Savage as part of their feud that ran all over the USA.

After retirement, Steele would make varied returns to Arizona as a road agent, but would not be seen by the general public, as he operated behind the scenes.

Steele presently makes his home in Florida, where he has recently encountered a number of health problems. One wishes him well.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Interesting Historic Wrestling Blog


New Version Of Az. Wrestling History Book

An expanded version of the Dale Pierce book covering the history of Arizona wrestling, with results and biographies form over 120 years of action has been expanded in a  new version, with over 25 new pages worth of results off past cards.

Orders at http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/dale-pierce/the-history-of-arizona-wrestling/paperback/product-22755582.html

In The History Of Arizona Wrestling you can find pretty much whoever you look for. Gorgeous George, Sheik, Undertaker, Fred Blassie, Time Traveler, Badd Blood, The Comancheros, Eddie Sullivan, Bobo Brazil, Tito Montez, Don Arnold, Jerry Graham, Bret Hart, Jim Londos, Dick Trout, Dick Daviscourt, Navajo Warrior, Billy Anderson, Buddy Rogers, Don Fargo...

The list goes on and on.

Jim Wright

Jim Wright was a mainstay in Arizona for many years, where he was hated as a heel with a brawling style similar to say, Dick Murdoch on the more modern scene. From the 1950s into the early 1960s, he was seen regularly in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and other stops along the circuit, though he was by no means limited to the southwest, As a journeyman of the most respected category, he wrestled all over the USA.

Wright became bets known for the wy he died rather than how he lived. In August of 1963, he took part in a tag team match in Phoenix at their Madison square Garden. After tagging out, he leaned against the ropes in mid-match, grabbed his chest and fell, hitting his head on the hard arena floor as well.

He evidently suffered a massive heart attack which killed him on the spot.

The head blow would have most likely proven fatal also.

Former wrestler, Monte Ladue, who was the referee for the match, would still be trying to tell reporters more than a decade later that Wright died from an elbow smash to the throat, to try to give the wrestling world more credibility and point tot he fact a man was killed right here in Phoenix in the midst of a contest.

Don Arnold, who had been involved in the fatal tag team bout, later would say Wright had not looked right in the locker room and was pale, almost gray in the face. He noted people should have been wotted something was up, but the ill-fated wrestler kept insisting he was fine when he clearly was not.