Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Death Of The Ultimate Warrior

By now everyone who is a wrestling fan and is not living on the moon, knows of the saddening and unexpected death of The Ultimate Warrior, especially after just finding reunification with the WWE. Some have pointed out that at his speech he did not look well and was almost, in an eerie way, seeming to speak of his own passing just a short time afterward.

So much is said and will be said about him now, there is no point in rehashing any of it.

His memory, as he touched upon in said speech, will live on ....

He was 54.

Dale Pierce Book Signing in Dover, Ohio

Meet Dale Pierce, signing copies of Play Me The Song Of Death, The Garden Will Not Die, Wrestling in Akron and Matadores Latinos at the Dover library in downtown Dover, Ohio, across from the high school. The event is part of a book fest with many other authors, April 19, from 1-4.

The Death Of Jerry Kozak

Longtime professional wrestler, Jerry Kozak, passed away recently. Though known mainly for his work in Texas as a tag team with his brother Nick and as a single, he also mad numerous trips to Arizona in the 1960s and 1970s.

One of his finest Arizona matches came in a scientific struggle with the famed Lou Thesz. Though he was beaten, the match held at the then Travel Lodge Theater (Now Celebrity Theatre) was and is considered a classic.

Others Kozak faced in Arizona included Mack Quarry, the Von Steigers, Chuck Karbo,  Buck Robley, Goliath and Mr. Wrestling (Gordon Nelson)  

The Death Of David Rose

Arizona mainstay David Rose has passed away after a lengthy battle with numerous respiratory problems.

Rose first drifted into Arizona in 1975, wrestling under that name, first as a heel and later as a baby. He would also work under a mask as The American and Mr. Wrestling, During his varied runs, he promoted as well as wrestled, holding a number of indy titles. A few years ago, he left Arizona for Kansas, when his health really declined.

Rose was instrumental in helping to train numerous regional wrestlers as well. Some are still active to this date.

Among the varied people Rose had notable feuds with in Arizona were Jody Arnold, Billy Anderson, Paul Harvey, Mr. Southern Comfort, Cowboy Bob Yuma, The Lumberjacks, The Black Mamba,  Maniac Mike Gordon, John Ringer and Special Forces.

His remains were evidently cremated, with the family planning to scatter them someplace in the future..

We Are Back

The reason why there have been so few posts as of late, frankly, was due to my being found with a rampant diabetic condition. My blood sugar in the hospital in early February was a near fatal 700. Now running normal thanks to losing 20 pounds in weight and taking pills.

The blog page is again up and running.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Dale Pierce in Barberton, Ohio May 5

Meet Dale Pierce for a lecture on wrestling and book signing in Barberton, Ohio at 5 pm on May 5 at the Barberton Library.


The Death Of Luis Martinez

Sadly, he died in September, with he wrestling world just now finding out. Luis Martinez has passed away after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Martinez was a major draw in Arizona, though he was also a main eventer in the Midwest, Japan and even Africa.

His feuds with The Sheik and Killer Brooks were among the bloodiest ever. These took on a national scope, but were also pairings that drew well in Phoenix, when Luis had his last Arizona run, circa 1973.

During the 1960s, Martinez also had long-lasting feuds with Don Kent and Don Arnold.  He also teamed with Cowboy Bob Ellis on several occasions to take on the  hated Hell's Angels/Comancheros.  Heat against the Comancheros grew so great, that one night after Ellis and Martinez were bloodied badly,  the two villains became the victim of evident fan payback. The Comancheros found every window in their car had been smashed by "parties unknown."

Other people  Luis feuded with around the globe in his long career would  include Chuck Karbo, Bull Curry, Pampero Firpo, The Mongols, Scarpiron Scranton, Hans Schmidt, Dr. Jerry Graham, Bill Miller, Johnny Valentine and many more.