Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gerald's Monster

The old Wallace & Ladmo Show in Phoenix featured Mr. Wallace and Ladmo as the "babies" and Gerald as a "heel", in this long-lasting Phoenix kid show.

Gerald  had a monster, a big lumbering thing that was forever attacking Ladmo, while Wallace was oblivious to the same.

There was more to it behind the scenes than most people know.

Wallace, real name Bill Thompson, was a big fen of  wrestling and an occasional announcer at the old Phoenix Madison Square Garden.  He even did boxer vs. wrestler stints against Kangaroo  Karson and one of the Comancheros where he boxed and they wrestled.

Wallace was good friends with Bulldog Don Kent.

Kent was the man behind the mask, playing the monster.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Death Of Don Wilson

New Mexico based super fan, convention organizer, wrestling writer and occasional promoter, who also had some dealings in Arizona, Don Wilson, passed away last week.


Geoffrey was a somewhat minor player in the wrestling game, but did generate a good deal of heat during his stay He was not  wrestler, nor a manager in the true sense of the word, but worked for a time as the valet for Gorgeous George.

Dressed in a tuxedo, he would spray the air with air freshener, help the Human Orchid Man off with his robes and help poof up his hair.

The reaction of the fans was predictable.

Whatever happened to Geoffrey remains speculative and efforts to find out for this blog were fruitless. Maybe someone else knows.

For a while, he was a regular in Arizona when George appeared at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden


Friday, March 25, 2016

Nostalgic Card

June 1973, Phoenix

1. Igor beat Ben Justice-dq
2. Luis Martinez beat Killer Brooks dq
3. Darling Dagmar beat Diamond Lil
4. Jerry Kozak beat Mr Wrestling
5 Sheik double dq Dory Funk Jr.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Vanishing Of Marie Vagnone

Not even her trainer, Mildred Burke, knew what happened to her.

In the 1970s, Marie Vagnone was a top draw, winning a version of the world title recognized in the west and gearing for a possible match with Moolah to unify the crown.

Marie had numerous showings in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and Flagstaff, facing Texas Red, Jane Sherrill, Rose Evans and others.

She was easily one of the most popular woman wrestlers around as she gained fans, contracts and magazine coverage.

Then, she just vanished, without anyone knowing what became of her.

To this day, no one seems to know.

It is like she dropped into a hole.

If anyone knows of her location and status, this blog would love to know, as would a load of older fans.

At Arizona Wrestling History, we have  no idea what became of her.

A Comeback & Book Autographing Sessions

Well on his way to being cancer free, author Dale Pierce who also manages as  Time Traveler,  will be expected to resume both managing and a number of books signings in varied western states in the summer.

To readers of this page, his book on Arizona wrestling trivia and loads of results may be of extreme interest. It may be ordered at http://www.lulu.com/shop/dale-pierce/the-history-of-arizona-wrestling/paperback/product-22356150.html and is being sold at certain shows for varied promotions now.

The book features countless big names as well as regional people who appeared in Arizona from the 1880s onward.  Blassie, Gorgeous George, Sheik, Tito Montez, Don Arnold, Thesz, Ellis, Randy Savage, The Lumberjacks, Section 8, Rogers, Hutton, Bobby Jaggers, the Funks, Londos, Ali Pasha, Ken Lucas, Eddie Sullivan, Mike Gordon, Ray Gordon, Mad Dog Vashon, Ricky Romero, Don Fargo, Jerry Graham, Billy Graham, Billy Anderson, Chris Colt, Ron Dupree, Les Thatcher, Karbo, Bob Yuma, Super Argo, Mascaras, Tony Marino, Jack Ringer, Jake Roberts, Iron Mike and many more are all there.

Big Dogg

Big Dogg, real name William Lawrence Hamilton, has been making a name for himself as a crafty veteran in his Texas home base. One can imagine the heat a "black cowboy" generates there.  He has also been seen across the border in Mexico and across country in California. While he has yet to appear in Arizona, odds are he will be stopping there as wrestlers traveling by car used to do long ago when traveling between Texas and California.

One may find many of his matches on You Tube. Check him out there, if you have not yet seen him.

Dogg also made recent showings in Matamoros, Mexico, where he received a big push, first as heel and then as baby, easily making the change when he saved the local fan favorites with a run in.  The people who were shouting for his scalp earlier on were treating him as a hero once he made the shift from bad to good. 

Dogg was trained at the Shawn Michaels wrestling school in Texas and as such, knows what he is doing out there.

Not everyone loves the man, who is a vocal critic of wrestlers who will not invest in gear, backyarders passing themselves off as pros and people who show no respect for the game. Old school all the way and many long time fans will not see that as a bad thing. His Twitter account, Facebook and web articles have sometimes provoked displeasure from certain small time promoters and wrestlers who do not yield to his way of thinking. So be it, as "protecting the business," and "Kay Fabe" has gone the way of the dinosaur, barring some badly needed hold outs like Dogg.  he is a throwback to a dying era and proud of it.

Hopefully, something will come to pass to get him on some Arizona cards.

Section 8 To Head To Arizona

Ron Sutherland, aka Seciton8 and Ron Von Hess, is presently running wrestling shows in the Seattle area, but is reportedly looking into a return to Arizona soon for some shows. The Tucson native was once a big draw among Indy wrestlers there.

Sutherland appeared in Arizona from the late 1980s into the 2000s, before moving northward.  he also trained a number of wrestlers, including Death Dealer, Venom, The Gravedigger  and the late Billy Scream.

Some of Sutherland's Arizona feuds included wild matches with Time Traveler, The Lumberjacks, Thrillseeker Terry Zeller, Louie Spicolli, Badd Blood, King Milo Watson, Tom Ramirez and Bladerunner. A much hyped match with Dan Seven did not go his way and he was in fact pinned by the shoot fighting/wrestling star.  Other matches with other people were different.

Among Ron's past feuds and classics would be a hardcore scaffold match with Widowmaker William Barker and a Texas Death Match with Sheik Ali.

Ron ran Rage In The Cage wrestling in Tucson in the 1990s, which featured the odd concept of cage matches in a cage and not a common  ring.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mr. Majestyk

Though in his 50s, Mr Majestyk ha not slowed down and continues to be mainstay in San Luis Rio Colorado across from Yuma, Arizona.

In the pat, he has taken on many Arizona wrestlers who crossed the border, including Thrillseeker Terry Zeller, Futuristico and Time Traveler.

Among fellow Mexican wrestlers, he has feuded with Circulo Rojo and many more.

A longstanding and talented veteran who is respect by all is a way to describe him. He may never retire. Right now, he is not even slowing down.

Dale Pierce At Dancing Goats

The Dancing Goats coffee house chain in Washington and Oregon will be carrying dale Pierce's wrestling books in their on site reading shelves. People may be free to read the books on the premises.

Books by Pierce include Wrestling In Akron, orderable in any book store, as well as Amazon and from Arcadia Press. The book offers many rare and never before released photos of Chris Colt, Chris Kole, The Sheik, Funk, Thesz, The Mongols, Ron Dupree, Luis Martinez, Don Kent, Brian Pillman, The Swedish Angel, Benny Mendeblis, Rip Tyler, Don Fargo, Johnny Powers, Gold Dust, Smoking Guns, Jebediah, Pampero Firpo, Bob Brazil, Kevin Sullivan, Don Eagle and more. Older fans will note many of these people also worked Arizona in winter months to escape Midwestern snows.

Many other Pierce books are also available at Lulu Publishing online and pop up when doing a search there on his name.

This one book of results from the 1880s onward on Arizona wrestling may be ordered at http://www.lulu.com/shop/dale-pierce/the-history-of-arizona-wrestling/paperback/product-22356150.html

This book will be found at the Dancing Goats chain.


Nicky Skidds Heading West?

Ohio has some great indy wrestling promotions, but as a place to live overall, many people can't seem to stand the state. Several wrestlers who once resided there have headed elsewhere for good.

Add Nicky Skidds to the list of people who are looking to leave Ohio if arrangements can be made. he is presently seeking bookings in Arizona, Washington, California and even Alaska.

Skidds has been a mainstay in Ohio since the early 2000s, most notably for MCW.  Past opponents have included Lones Oaks, Justin Diaz, Jebediah, Eddie Insane, Christian Vaughn and others prominent in this promotion. Sadly, MCW shutdown after a very long run and Skidds presently seeks better booking opportunities  than offered in the Midwest.

He also moonlights as a musician.

"Time will tell what time will tell," as The Time Traveler, who managed Skidds on and off and also made an exit from Ohio in 2015 would say.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Randy Taylor To Take A Break

At the height of several feuds in the varied western states, veteran Randy Taylor plans to take a break from wrestling for the summer to allow severe back injuries to heal. The 57 year old wrestler has been showing determination and energy of people half his age and has become a major attraction on the Indy scene. There are no indications he will be permanently slowing down, but only for a short while, will be taking badly needed rest for recuperation.

Book Review: In My Corner by Mean Marc Ash

Mean Marc Ash never made it to Arizona as agreements on money could never be reached, but he did have some shows in California for the AIWA, facing Alex Knight and Jason The Strong, under the management of Johnny Legend. While much of his career was spent in the southeast as a wrestler and promoter, his story is nonetheless interesting.

In My Corner ordering info may be found at http:/www./marcash.com 

The book is not fancy, designed mainly to sell at shows where Ash appeared, but does offer a look into the often unappreciated world of independent wrestling, the trials therein and the many letdowns with no showing name guys, corrupt promoters and inept bookers. It deals with the triumphs as well as the tragedies and Ash has seen both.

Ash did work with some major names during his long career as well, including Nelson Royal and Ivan Koloff.  These encounters are again dealt with, as well as matches for lesser known promotions and with lesser grapplers.

The book can be an eye opener into the flip side of the wrestling realm and those not affiliated with the WWE.

Once the reader finishes the book, however, he will have found new respect for Marc Ash in particular and independent wrestlers in general. Their dedication proves relentless and the job they do sometimes thankless.

The book is recommended.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Aberdeen Display

Portions of the  Pierce wrestling collectables collection will remain on display at the library in Aberdeen, Wa. until May 1.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Super Hooper

George Hooper, otherwise known as Super Hooper, was a student of carnival wrestler Champ Thomas, operating from a Colorado Springs home base.  Throughout the 1980s, he made constant appearances for independent groups in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, where he was known for a flashy style and an assortment of fancy routines.

Hooper feuded with Maniac Mark Beasang, as well as Mongo the Monster and other area heels. he was always over with the people and amazingly popular.

For a time, Hooper also ran a wrestling school in Colorado and trained some local women as well as men. His wife, Bo Kruse, also entered the ring.

He retired in 1990.

The New 666

In the early 1980s there was a Bestia 666 tagging on the Mexico/Arizona border with one Golgatha. His routine was a satanic masked heel and cheating villain. He has since passed away.

Now, there is a new Bestia 666active on the same border circuit.

This Bestia 666 wears makeup rather than a mask, but carries on in the same sinister way as a vile heel provoking jeers off the fans.

He frequently teams with Damien, the veteran villain who also used the devil-worshipper routine.

Ave Satani, one supposes.

It will be interesting to watch as his career and evil reputation grows, both in the USA and Mexico.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Maniac Mike Beasang

Maniac Mike Beasang started out in Colorado in the 1980s, operating out of a Denver home base, as a trainee of former carnival wrestler Champ Thomas, who operated the WAA.

Maniac Mike did th typical brawler role with gusto, stomping, slamming, kicking and swinging chairs to provoke the anger of the crowd.

Most of his matches took place in the noted Colorado home base, though he was also seen on occasion in New Mexico and Arizona.

Some of his matches included feuds with Cowboy Mike Cook, Gene Rice, George "Super" Hooper and Juan Alimar.

He retired from wrestling in 1990 and still evidently lives in Denver.

CAC Link


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kevin Sullivan Memoralbilia

For fans of the infamous Taskmaster, take heart. Thanks to a deal cut with a wrestling memorabilia dealer, there will soon be a great deal of Kevin Sullivan items on sale on line. Details will be coming soon, to include Sullivan DVDS, photos and other things.

Help Pierce Beat Cancer

Help Dale Pierce the wrestler/writer and manager, beat prostate cancer.  He is already almost there and expected to be cancer free, making a comeback to the ring as a manager, by June.


The Many Feuds Of Tito Montez

From his start in the late 1950s until his departure from Arizona for Oregon in 1978, Tito Montez was the man to beat in Phoenix. Whoever the top villain was visiting the area, he was destined to feud with Tito.

Among his many feuds were long terms series of matches with Woody farmer, the Monroe Brothers, Gorgeous George, Gorgeous George Jr., Don Arnold, Jody Arnold, Bearcat Wright, Sweet Daddy Watts, Jerry Graham, The Lumberjacks, Eddie Sullivan, Hercules Stevenson, The Satin Medic, Buddy Rose, Killer Kane, Chuck Karbo, Henry Pulusso, Kurt Von Steiger, The Lumberjacks, Mr X, Charlie Carr and even The Sheik.

Tito's most famous feud would be with Bulldog Don Kent, with whom he had nine straight weeks of sellout crowd sin Phoenix, before he finally beat Kent in a cage match.

Most of Tito's feuds usually concluded when he got the villain into a cage match. The only man to ever beat him in a cage was Jody Arnold.

Tito passed away in Oregon a short while ago, but lived to be in his 80s. The legend remains behind.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Death Of Billy Scream

Billy Scream, a Tucson based wrestler, could take no more and sadly killed himself this week. he had been plagued with disabilities, including very serious knee and back problems due to past wrestling and extreme weight.

Scream started wrestling in Phoenix and Tucson in 1987, after being trained by Ron Sutherland (Ron Von Hess/Section 8). He continued to wrestle for many years, often teaming with Sutherland. he proved to be very popular with his hometown Tucson crowd.  His finishers were a power slam and a crushing bear hug.

Past opponents included The Time Traveler, The Golden Eagle,  Black Mamba, Thrillseeker Terry Zeller,  The Lumberjacks, Flama Negra, The Gravedigger, The Deathdealer, Bonecrusher, Bladerunner and Hatchet Jack.

His health was so bad he reportedly was unable to attend a recent ceremony at Tucson matches paying tribute to him.

He will be missed.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Thor was mainly active in California over the years (seen kneeling in this photo), but also made it to Arizona at varied times on cards featuring The Mercenarios, JT Law, Stephen de Leon, Riki Ataki and others.

While he has not been to Arizona in a number of years, he remains fondly remembered by fans.

Charismatic, well built, colorful and fats moving, he never failed to provoke the interest of the spectators.

One of his mentors wa Bill Anderson, who helped start many great wrestlers over the years, including The Ultimate Warrior and Sting.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Riki Ataki

Riki Ataki was seen in both the AWA and the WWF, usually on tv tapings. On the independent scene in California and Arizona, he received a far bigger push.

Ataki appeared regularly on UWA cards in Phoenix held at Toolies nightclub, where he feuded with Stephen Deleon.

Ataki also teamed on varied occasions with Bill Anderson and Louie Spicolli.

For a promotion running in northern Arizona and southern Utah in the 1980s and early 1990s, Ataki again received a major push.

Other frequent opponents included Tim Tall Tree and The Beast.

After leaving the wrestling world as an active participant, Ataki entered the film world as an editor, lighting technician, camera man and producer, working in numerous areas in this medium.

He presently makes his home in California.

Lord Blears Dies

Lord James Blears passed away this March after a lengthy illness. He was reportedly in his 90s.

Blears wrestled in Phoenix, Tucson and other places in the 1950s, facing Brute Bemis, Don Arnold and others.

He was also seen as a commentator here when the AWA made its faltered attempts to run in Arizona.

San Andreas

The grand daddy of earthquakes hits in this recent disaster film.

Hoover Dam is destroyed and the floods pour out.

The Golden Gate bridge crumbles.

San Francisco is destroyed.

And The Rock saves the day repeatedly.

Otherwise, this is a much hyped disaster film with routine special effects and an effort to push Dwayne Johnson/The Rock/ Rocky Maivia.

If you are a Rock fan, this would be a must see for you..

If not, there is no logical reason to see it on cable or dvd.

Taylor Vs. Raeth

The west has seen many great feuds. Blassie vs. Tolos. The Comancheros vs. Ben Justice & Pancho Pico.  Sheik vs. Funk. Killer Brooks vs. Luis Martinez. Piper vs Moondog Mayne.  The list goes on and on.

In recent months, veteran Randy Taylor and relative newcomer Kellen Raeth have been tearing up rings and arenas in varied western states, in a wild feud that has provoked a great deal of controversy.

The feud does not look to be subsiding any time soon.

Upcoming in varied arenas, Raeth's wife who also wrestles and works as his manager is up for grabs with the old, winner gets her for a month clause. Most foresee Taylor gaining a win here and the feud growing even hotter.

The wild new maverick versus the aged veteran is a perfect formula and the feud is apt to remind older fans of days long gone. Old school all the way.

It will be curious to see how this one unfolds.

Western! The Horror Novel

Western! The Horror Novel!  A book by writer Dale Pierce offers a set of uncanny horror stories set in wild west time.

One of these tales includes Wrestler, a story about a traveling carnival wrestler who happens to be more than what he appears.

He is a werewolf signed on with a sideshow.

Now there's something you don't see every day.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Gator Wolf Convicted

Steve Ketcher, aka Steve Gator Wolf, was sentenced to 16 years to life for his sexual scandal with a minor this week.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sam Simms

Sam Simms is a newer face in the wrestling world, working as a manager which in itself is a dying art nowadays.

From his home base in Vancouver, Washington, Simms goes to many western states and is becoming a popular figure among promoters, though a hated figurehead with the fans.

Simms manages varied people, but his most recent find has been one Sideshow, an evil clown not so much in the tradition of Doink in his heel days, but the killer clown in the Freak Show season of American Horror Story.

Simms is a throwback to the "old school days of wrestling" and it shows. There are far fewer managers today than there once were and even fewer who do the act right.  Simms is one of the rarities keeping the tradition alive.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Aberdeen Display

From march 1 to may 1, the  Pierce collection is in part displayed at the Aberdeen Library in Aberdeen, Washington, offering signed photos, old programs, books and gear.

Arizona materials on exhibit include photos of The Time Traveler, Rainbow, Mil Mascaras,  Tito Montez, Cowboy Bob Yuma, Jody Arnold and Mike Mazurki. A t shirt worn by  Time Traveler is also in the exhibit.

There are also numerous old programs form the Akron Armory in the 1940s, unsigned promotional photos of a number of heels from the past and wrestling books on display. The books offered include Pierce's The Last bell Call and Wrestling In Akron, Don Fargo's Hard Way and Dean Silverstone's I Ain't No Pig Farmer.

Much material is devoted to the late Tito Montez.

Owen: Hart Of Gold

Owen: Hart Of Gold is the fed's most recent dvd release in homage to the late Owen Hart, where they of naturally gloss over his tragic death and the point that they were the ones who killed him, dropping him from the ceiling.

Watching this video and the many matches offered, however, will remind fans of just how good and well-rounded Owen Hart was. From early matches in Stampede to his WWF run, the action is nonstop and tremendous. Hart was doing high flying tactics and work off the top rope long before it was commonplace.

The stories abound as well, about hart's many practical jokes, form imitating other people's voice son the phone to telling wrestlers they had won a  free pizza, with the pizza being free but an outlandish charge for each topping. Billy Gunn, Razor Ramon, Lex Lugar and others all offer memories of being pranked by the blond master of the rib.

From his fantastic matches, his heel interviews that bordered on the ridiculous (such as his carrying his two Slammies everyplace) to his feud with Bret, Owen was sensational and this dvd reminds everyone of these effects.

Owen died needlessly and died way too young.

While the dvd pays tribute to his great ability, it also serves as a reminder of his tragic death and when one gets right down to it, a waste of life and superb talent, killed doing a stupid angle that never should have happened.