Thursday, March 3, 2016

Owen: Hart Of Gold

Owen: Hart Of Gold is the fed's most recent dvd release in homage to the late Owen Hart, where they of naturally gloss over his tragic death and the point that they were the ones who killed him, dropping him from the ceiling.

Watching this video and the many matches offered, however, will remind fans of just how good and well-rounded Owen Hart was. From early matches in Stampede to his WWF run, the action is nonstop and tremendous. Hart was doing high flying tactics and work off the top rope long before it was commonplace.

The stories abound as well, about hart's many practical jokes, form imitating other people's voice son the phone to telling wrestlers they had won a  free pizza, with the pizza being free but an outlandish charge for each topping. Billy Gunn, Razor Ramon, Lex Lugar and others all offer memories of being pranked by the blond master of the rib.

From his fantastic matches, his heel interviews that bordered on the ridiculous (such as his carrying his two Slammies everyplace) to his feud with Bret, Owen was sensational and this dvd reminds everyone of these effects.

Owen died needlessly and died way too young.

While the dvd pays tribute to his great ability, it also serves as a reminder of his tragic death and when one gets right down to it, a waste of life and superb talent, killed doing a stupid angle that never should have happened.  

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