Thursday, March 24, 2016

Big Dogg

Big Dogg, real name William Lawrence Hamilton, has been making a name for himself as a crafty veteran in his Texas home base. One can imagine the heat a "black cowboy" generates there.  He has also been seen across the border in Mexico and across country in California. While he has yet to appear in Arizona, odds are he will be stopping there as wrestlers traveling by car used to do long ago when traveling between Texas and California.

One may find many of his matches on You Tube. Check him out there, if you have not yet seen him.

Dogg also made recent showings in Matamoros, Mexico, where he received a big push, first as heel and then as baby, easily making the change when he saved the local fan favorites with a run in.  The people who were shouting for his scalp earlier on were treating him as a hero once he made the shift from bad to good. 

Dogg was trained at the Shawn Michaels wrestling school in Texas and as such, knows what he is doing out there.

Not everyone loves the man, who is a vocal critic of wrestlers who will not invest in gear, backyarders passing themselves off as pros and people who show no respect for the game. Old school all the way and many long time fans will not see that as a bad thing. His Twitter account, Facebook and web articles have sometimes provoked displeasure from certain small time promoters and wrestlers who do not yield to his way of thinking. So be it, as "protecting the business," and "Kay Fabe" has gone the way of the dinosaur, barring some badly needed hold outs like Dogg.  he is a throwback to a dying era and proud of it.

Hopefully, something will come to pass to get him on some Arizona cards.

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