Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Comeback & Book Autographing Sessions

Well on his way to being cancer free, author Dale Pierce who also manages as  Time Traveler,  will be expected to resume both managing and a number of books signings in varied western states in the summer.

To readers of this page, his book on Arizona wrestling trivia and loads of results may be of extreme interest. It may be ordered at and is being sold at certain shows for varied promotions now.

The book features countless big names as well as regional people who appeared in Arizona from the 1880s onward.  Blassie, Gorgeous George, Sheik, Tito Montez, Don Arnold, Thesz, Ellis, Randy Savage, The Lumberjacks, Section 8, Rogers, Hutton, Bobby Jaggers, the Funks, Londos, Ali Pasha, Ken Lucas, Eddie Sullivan, Mike Gordon, Ray Gordon, Mad Dog Vashon, Ricky Romero, Don Fargo, Jerry Graham, Billy Graham, Billy Anderson, Chris Colt, Ron Dupree, Les Thatcher, Karbo, Bob Yuma, Super Argo, Mascaras, Tony Marino, Jack Ringer, Jake Roberts, Iron Mike and many more are all there.

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