Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dale Pierce At Dancing Goats

The Dancing Goats coffee house chain in Washington and Oregon will be carrying dale Pierce's wrestling books in their on site reading shelves. People may be free to read the books on the premises.

Books by Pierce include Wrestling In Akron, orderable in any book store, as well as Amazon and from Arcadia Press. The book offers many rare and never before released photos of Chris Colt, Chris Kole, The Sheik, Funk, Thesz, The Mongols, Ron Dupree, Luis Martinez, Don Kent, Brian Pillman, The Swedish Angel, Benny Mendeblis, Rip Tyler, Don Fargo, Johnny Powers, Gold Dust, Smoking Guns, Jebediah, Pampero Firpo, Bob Brazil, Kevin Sullivan, Don Eagle and more. Older fans will note many of these people also worked Arizona in winter months to escape Midwestern snows.

Many other Pierce books are also available at Lulu Publishing online and pop up when doing a search there on his name.

This one book of results from the 1880s onward on Arizona wrestling may be ordered at

This book will be found at the Dancing Goats chain.


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