Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Vanishing Of Marie Vagnone

Not even her trainer, Mildred Burke, knew what happened to her.

In the 1970s, Marie Vagnone was a top draw, winning a version of the world title recognized in the west and gearing for a possible match with Moolah to unify the crown.

Marie had numerous showings in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and Flagstaff, facing Texas Red, Jane Sherrill, Rose Evans and others.

She was easily one of the most popular woman wrestlers around as she gained fans, contracts and magazine coverage.

Then, she just vanished, without anyone knowing what became of her.

To this day, no one seems to know.

It is like she dropped into a hole.

If anyone knows of her location and status, this blog would love to know, as would a load of older fans.

At Arizona Wrestling History, we have  no idea what became of her.

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