Thursday, March 3, 2016

Aberdeen Display

From march 1 to may 1, the  Pierce collection is in part displayed at the Aberdeen Library in Aberdeen, Washington, offering signed photos, old programs, books and gear.

Arizona materials on exhibit include photos of The Time Traveler, Rainbow, Mil Mascaras,  Tito Montez, Cowboy Bob Yuma, Jody Arnold and Mike Mazurki. A t shirt worn by  Time Traveler is also in the exhibit.

There are also numerous old programs form the Akron Armory in the 1940s, unsigned promotional photos of a number of heels from the past and wrestling books on display. The books offered include Pierce's The Last bell Call and Wrestling In Akron, Don Fargo's Hard Way and Dean Silverstone's I Ain't No Pig Farmer.

Much material is devoted to the late Tito Montez.

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