Saturday, March 19, 2016

Super Hooper

George Hooper, otherwise known as Super Hooper, was a student of carnival wrestler Champ Thomas, operating from a Colorado Springs home base.  Throughout the 1980s, he made constant appearances for independent groups in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, where he was known for a flashy style and an assortment of fancy routines.

Hooper feuded with Maniac Mark Beasang, as well as Mongo the Monster and other area heels. he was always over with the people and amazingly popular.

For a time, Hooper also ran a wrestling school in Colorado and trained some local women as well as men. His wife, Bo Kruse, also entered the ring.

He retired in 1990.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the article, but there are a couple things you may want to know. I only wrestled as Super Hooper for about 6/7 months, the rest of the time up until 1994, I was Jumping Johnny King. Just wanted to add some more information for your piece.

    Thank you!
    George Hooper
    aka Jumping Johnny King/ Super Hooper