Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book Review: In My Corner by Mean Marc Ash

Mean Marc Ash never made it to Arizona as agreements on money could never be reached, but he did have some shows in California for the AIWA, facing Alex Knight and Jason The Strong, under the management of Johnny Legend. While much of his career was spent in the southeast as a wrestler and promoter, his story is nonetheless interesting.

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The book is not fancy, designed mainly to sell at shows where Ash appeared, but does offer a look into the often unappreciated world of independent wrestling, the trials therein and the many letdowns with no showing name guys, corrupt promoters and inept bookers. It deals with the triumphs as well as the tragedies and Ash has seen both.

Ash did work with some major names during his long career as well, including Nelson Royal and Ivan Koloff.  These encounters are again dealt with, as well as matches for lesser known promotions and with lesser grapplers.

The book can be an eye opener into the flip side of the wrestling realm and those not affiliated with the WWE.

Once the reader finishes the book, however, he will have found new respect for Marc Ash in particular and independent wrestlers in general. Their dedication proves relentless and the job they do sometimes thankless.

The book is recommended.

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