Friday, December 23, 2016

Gran BK

Okay, here is an oddball name for you, but it must make it easy when signing autographs.BK is a wrestler from Guatemala, active in Guatemala City and in the southern portion of Mexico, whee he appears on a rgeular basis. Sometimes jeered. sometimes cheered, but always exciting, this wrestler with the short name has seen action in South America as well, with it is assumed, more contracts to follow 

There is talk of bringing Gran BK into Arizona, along with a number of other wrestlers from his area if immigration details can be worked out. 

Dale Pierce Books Helping Hospital Charities

Dale Pierce books are available on a limited basis now at the Providence Hospital Charity Book Store on site at this hospital in Olympia, Washington, for a given donation.

Wretsling In Akron, normally $22, is to be found there. This book offers a complete history of Ohio wrestling from carnival days ro rhe present, with many previously unseen photos of Sheik, Funk, Gold Dust, Fargo, Zoltan, Von Hess, Brooks, Schmidt, Thesz and more. Also available are The Last Bell Call, MEWL, And The Crowd Goes Wild, The History of Az. Wrestling In Results  and Play Me The Song Of Death, for any donation. This bargain is available  on site at the book shop and not via mail order.

Discounts for Wrestling in Akron may be found on Amazon. The other ooks may be ordered by doing a search bia title at

Bert Prentice In Tn.

 Older fans ,might remember Bert  for his run as a foppish manage rin Phoenix in the early 1980s, under the name of Christopher Henderson, where he managed John Roinger, Golden Henderson and some others.

Prentice is still active today as a promoter, living in Nashville and running several indy shows per year.

Mocho Cota Dies

Manuel "Mocho" Cota has passed away this December.

This wrestler enjoyed a long career in Mexico as a rudo or master villain. He was seen regularly in Arizona in the 1980s thanks to the Galavision tv show and booked on occasional spot shows. He also saw bookings in South America and Japan.

Manuel wrestled well as a singles competitor, but teamed with many other top heels from his era, including La Fiera, Herodes, Sangre Chicana, Pirata Morgan and Dandy. In recent years, he trained a number of top luchadores including Lord Drako, presently active in Phoenix.

Friday, December 16, 2016


1. "The Man That Never Misses" Shot Saxon​ and MADA​ (with ZEEK the Ronin​) battled to a 10 minute time limit draw. After the match Saxon hit MADA with his "Ode to Shawn" superkick

 2. "The Rebel Scum" Chris Syndel​ over Castro by pinfall

 3. "CWfA Superstar" Johnny Saovi​ over "Tucson Original" Dexter Dixon​ by pinfall in seconds after attacking Dixon before the match started. Returning Rebellion Pro co-owner Roman Alexander​ and Ed "The American" Knight​ came to aid the fallen Original when Saovi continued his attack after the bell

 l4. Adan Reyes​ over "The Smooth Criminal" Tyrone Cabrone​ by pinfall

 5. Nic Novik over Jeff Orcut​ by pinfall

December 10, 2017 - Tucson, AZ at Midtown Bar & Grill​

 Rebellion Pro returns to Midtown Bar & Grill on Saturday night, January 7th at 7PM for a night of all out action that will be taped for Rebellion Pro's upcoming iTV show RIOT TV. Check out the event page for more details and news on the matches signed for this big event:

Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Tucson Promotion

A new promotion headed by King Milo has started up in Tucson. Details to follow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy 100th Kirk Douglas

Happy 100th birthday, Kirk Douglas

Fine, but what does this have to do with wrestling?

Well few people realize the star of Champion, Spartacus, War Wagon, Last Train From Gun Hill and other great films also wrestled on a carnival circuit years  before hitting it big in cinema.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jeanie Wolf

Jeanie Wolf, the stepdaughter of Mildred Burke, traveled the country as part of a carnival like all girl  promotion, but while she was seen in many parts of the  USA,  she did not live long enough to be famous.

When she is remembered at all, she is remembered for her death in a tag team match in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she slumped into unconsciousness, much like Perro Aguayo Jr years later and never woke up, passing away from brian trauma of some form or another.

Though young in age and heart, she had already been well-versed and seen in many different parts of the USA, from coast to coast. How far she might have gone had her luck changed is anyone's guess. Eternal greatness was not to be her destiny.

Reportedly. on the night of her death, she had not wanted to go into the ring and had been feeling badly, but feared the reaction of Billy Wolf and Mildred Burke if she opted out of the match. She might have been wiser to have taken that chance.

Dave Turner In Ohio

Western indy star, Dave Turner, a snarling, muscular heel with a  shaved head and one of the best wrestlers in his area is going to be in Ohio for a limited time in March. Info soon.

Time Traveler In California & Oregon In December & January

Iconic Arizona manager, The Time Traveler, will be seen on many Indy cards in Washington and Oregon in the winter. An Arizona return is in the works.

Alfonso Dantes

Dantes started wrestling at 17-years-old in 1960 in Morelia using the name of Edmundo Dantes after going through rigorous training from his maestro Diablo Velasco. Alfonso came from great stock as his father Al Amezcua (Golden Terror) was a great wrestler and his brother Vick Amezcua would go on to fame as Septiembre Negro. Alfonso took the hair of many wrestlers with the best known being El Faraon & El Halcon who was his main rival throughout their careers. Alfonso also held many titles as he was an Occidental Middleweight champion, which started his legendary run in his home of Guadalajara, 3-time Mexican National Lt. Heavyweight champion, 5-time NWA World Lt. Heavyweight champion (which was considered “his title”), and a 2-time Mexican National Heavyweight champion.

Dantes was seen occasionally in Arizona on live shows via visiting lucha promoters. He was also known as a regular on Arizona tv thanks to the Galavison lucha show.  

He died some time back. His reputation lives on.

Vader Health Issues

Big Van Vader has repordedly encoutnered major health issues, with some rumors circulating he may just have an esitmated tow eyars to live.

We wish him well.

Friday, October 28, 2016


 What Would Chirs Benoit Do is a weird title, but it catches the eye for this physical fanzine, as opposed to those found on the ent. The editor sends it to people in exchange for other wrestling materiual fromaround the globe and actually has some good stuf in it.

Bill Walkowitz, whoiw as big in the sheet world in the 1990s, is writing for the zine. 

Look for a future piece on Arizona icon Chris Colt within.

Drop the editor an email for info.

Dan" <>

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Moose Dies

Moose Morowski has passed away after a long illness.

Moose appeared in Arizona in  the early 1970s in a feud with long time rival Ricky Romero. This was during hsi run as a hated heel.

He later came back to Arizona briefly under the promotions of Larry Hennig. There, he was a baby feuding with Bobby Jaggers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Give Iron Mike A Visit

Mike DiBiase is a legendary wrestler who is the adopted father of legendary wrestler "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. He is also known as "Iron" Mike DiBiase. He is a former NWA champion and a former AWA champ ion. He died in the wrestling ring from a heart attack when he wrestled against Man Mountain Mike.   

Iron Mike rests in the Sunset Cemetery in Willcox, Arizona. 

Mike was the father of Ted Diviase.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Two Bob Crumby Books Coming

Longtime wrestling fan net  writer, Bob Crumby,m plans two books with a wrestling theme for Lulu in the winter.

First will be a book on woman wrestlers and second will be a book titled Once Upon A Time In Hell, The Fiction Horror Of Dale Pierce

Crumby has always been a major wrestling fan and as he pouts it "a mark for both Dale Pierce/The Time Traveler and for lady great The Fabulous Moolah. Moolah and many of her trainees will play a big part in the female wrestling book, which places more emphasis on the Indy women today and greats form the past.

Crumby claims to have one of the most inclusive wrestling autograph collections in the ISA. Henc a possible thrid  book.

he makes his home in Douglas Arizona.

Give Moolah A Visit

Fabulous Moolah, perhaps the msot well knwon and respected female wretsler of all time, rests within the Memorial Park Cemetery in Columbia, South Carolina.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Western Old Timer Reunion

On September 11, 2016, the annual Western States Old Timer Reunion resumed in Seattle, held at dean Silverstone's Golden Oldies store.

Attendees included Jimmy Flame, Michelle Starr, The Time Traveler, Rainbow, Scott teal, Ken Hamlin, writer Vrian Wescott and others.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alfonso Dantes

Dantes started wrestling at 17-years-old in 1960 in Morelia using the name of Edmundo Dantes after going through rigorous training from his maestro Diablo Velasco. Alfonso came from great stock as his father Al Amezcua (Golden Terror) was a great wrestler and his brother Vick Amezcua would go on to fame as Septiembre Negro. Alfonso took the hair of many wrestlers with the best known being El Faraon & El Halcon who was his main rival throughout their careers. Alfonso also held many titles as he was an Occidental Middleweight champion, which started his legendary run in his home of Guadalajara, 3-time Mexican National Lt. Heavyweight champion, 5-time NWA World Lt. Heavyweight champion (which was considered “his title”), and a 2-time Mexican National Heavyweight champion.

Dantes was seen on rare occaisons in Arizona, but was  more often seen  in the USA for shows in the Los Angeles area.

The Galavison wrestling program helped rociet him to recognition in the USA. 

Aside from singles action, Danyes also formed an effective tag team with Mil Mascaras.

He died some time ago and was laid to rest in his native Guadalajara.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The History Of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre Book On Way To Publisher

The long anticipated book by Dale Pierce, The Pictorial History Of Bullfighting& Lucha Libre  In Mexico is on its way to the publisher, Lateral Ptess in Phoenix and should be out by April of 2017.

The book includes many never before seen photos of past and present bullfighters and wreslers.

Among the never seen before bullfight photos are images of Luis procuna, Calesero, Guillermo Montes Sortibran, Fernando Dos Santos, El Gallo, Chilolin, Eligio Garcia, Mariano Ramos, Manolo Martinez, Curro Leal, Manolete, Carlos Arruza and many more.

Wrestlers depicted include Galeno, Sheik Abdul, Konnan, Mil Mascaras, The Time Traveler, Nano Ortega, Stephen De Leon, Pancho Pico, Gory Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero,  Ham Lee, Tito Montez, Santo and more.

The bigger focus is on the past rather than the current crop.


Adrian Adonis always provoked heat when the WWF was in Phoenix, first as his bad assed biker routine and later as a blatant homosexual schtick where he even came to the ring in drag.

Adonis not only got heat witht he fans, but was not as popular as he could have been with his fellow wrestlers. Billy Anderson speaks of how unfondly he remembers Adonis delivering a shot to his mouth that busted his lips and required stitches to heal. Adonis never even apologized for the slip.

Then there was the time Adonis did promos with a veil over rhis face, to hide the black eye and lumps he'd been given with gusto by another wrestle he got into a locker room fought with, biting off more than he could chew.

On the Phoenix bouts, he was usually on the undercard, but still ahd the fans ready to riot, which was especially difficult as this was the era when fans were being smartened right and left to the business. More than once, he actually knocked fans trying to swing at him back into their seats.

In the bar at the hotel on Van Buren where most of the wrestlers stayed, Adonis was even more uncanny, even heard uttering these words, though breaking the code of silence was something  cared less and elss about by this time.

"It's all fake! Leave me alone."

Adonis died in a driving accident several years ago, along with other wrestlers. Even if fans and some wrestlers hated him with a passion, they were stricken to see him pass in such a way.

While Adrian was best known in Phoenix for his WWF run, his career highlight might well have been ealrier in the AWA, where he and Jesse Ventura formed a magnificent tag team.

Adrian's real name was Keith Franks.


This popular mascot/manager of Tiniemblas looked to be a werewolf or a shrunk down Wooki from Star Wars, but in truth was a midget in a cleverly designed costume. For an eternity, he accompanied Tiniemblas to the ring and became an icon in his own right. Occasionally, one of the villains Tiniemblas faced would attack Aluche and spark a feud, as Ari "El Diablo" Romero did in Juarez in the early 1990s, with Tiniemblas vowing and gaining revenge for his inured associate. Aluche died in 2014. 

"Some fans thought the routine was silly, but little kids thought he was a real little monster or something," commented wrestler Escapilario, who works with present indies on the border and grew up watching the Tiniemblas/Aluche pairing. "All he was, was amidget in a costume, but the marks went nust for him. In looking back, I think the role was stupid, but I grew up watching this before I started working and because of this i have a spot spot for the little guy. I was sorry to hear he died, but I have no idea how old he wa sor what he looked like without all that monster shit on."

Aluche accompanied Tineimblas to Arizona shows in the early 1990s and was well received.  


One of the current stars of the ring,  seen in recent times on a number of AAA cards, Aerostar has been executing sensational high risk moves that put the most suicidal of performers from the past to shame. One of his biggest feuds to date has been with Chris Stone,  whom he defeated in a  humiliating Hair vs. Mask match which saw Stone getting a buzz cut in front of a full house.  If he continues to improve, his best years may be yet to come. He already held a Mixed Tag Team title alongside Faby Apache and has won a number of trophies as the result of successful tournaments. 

Aerostar has seen limited action with AAA spot shows in Phoenix and Tucson in the past, but his mexican schedule keeps him busy and ahppy.

He is clearly a charismatic grapple who attends out in the crowd.  .

Fabi Apache

One of the foremost female wrestlers in AAA, Fabi Apache is now considered a crafty veteran, where she was once a gorgeous, but inexperienced rookie in the profession. Past feuds include matches with Lady Victoria, Natasha, Jennifer Blade, May Flowers and  Rain. Born Balbuena Torres in 1980, she is the daughter of Apache and wife of Billy Boy. She has held the World Mixed Tag Team championship four times and also won the AAA Queen Of The Ring tournament. Aside from  appearances in Latin America, she was also seen in Japan and the USA. 

Favy has been seen regualrly over the years on varied hispanic television rpograms that have brought Mexican wretslign into the USA

She has been seen infrequently in Arizona over the years when AAA made swinsg through the Phoenix/Tucson area.. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jimmy Flame

Jimmy Flame was born in Louisiana, but rpesently makes his home in Washington state and from this home base remains one of the most traveled veterans on the indepednent scene.

Flashy,and  arrogant as a heel and old school all the way, he is a throwback to the days of strutting, star struck bad guys using evil to fight the forces of good in the manner of say Tully Blanchard, Jody Arnold or John Tolos. He acts like the bravest of men until he is in trouble in the ring, to which he becomes the coward of the county, like the Kenny Rogers song. He runs, he begs, he backpedals...and then he pulls some dirty trick out of his ass to sucker his opponent., screw finish him and win.

On the microphone he provokes instant hatred from the crowd, showing a mastery for the dying art of "talking" or giving a promo.

Thpugh mainly a singles wretsler, Flame has veen teaming withte another eually fmaboyant indy guy by the name of Mr. Fitness and togther theyhave been making the rounds.

If you deplore wrestling as it exists now and long for the olden days, Jimmy Flame is the man for you.

Check him out if the chance arises, as he has been traveling all over and really making a reputation for himself.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Angel Negro

With a name like Black Angel, which si the translation of his ring name, does anyone really need to ask if he a heel or  a baby? Though he knew all the trucks to make himself a true super rudo, he also had a vast knowledge of holds and routines that would rival the actions of many favorites. The fact that he did not have to sue the dirty tactics he did, but went on and did so anyway made him all the moire hated deom the onset in the eyes of the fans.

Though retired for a time, it is said he will be making a return to the rings of Arizona, Sonora and California in 2017. 

This may or may not be welcome news. One may be fairly sure the crafty veteran has lost little or nothing in his absence and will be back with a vengeance.

Randy Savage

   Randy 'Macho Man' Savage was an icon as far as professional wrestlers  wouls go,best known for his time with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He also had a short run with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Savage held twenty championships during his professional wrestling career and is a seven-time world champion: a two-time WWF Champion, four-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and one-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion. Also a one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWE has named Savage the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time and credited him for bringing "a higher level of credibility to the title through his amazing in-ring performances." Aside from championships, Savage is the 1987 WWF King of the Ring and the 1995 WCW World War 3 winner. For much of his tenures in the WWF and WCW, he was managed by his real life wife, "Miss Elizabeth" Hulette. Savage was recognizable by wrestling fans for his distinctively deep and raspy voice, his ring attire (often glitzy sunglasses, a bandana or head band, flashy robes, and a cowboy hat intensity exhibited in and out of the ring, and his signature catch phrase ("Ooh yeah!"),which was borrowed from Pampero Firpo by his own admission..   "

Though Savage and Elizabeth would be "married" on WWF tv, they had actually been wed for several years. The two woild  divorce, but work together for a program in WCW.  

Savage passed away a few years ago form a fatal heart atatck whiled riving, ending with hsi car running into a tree.  

Savage made his debut in Phoenix against an unplanned opponent when Billy Anderson was thrown in to replace someone else who never made it to the arena. Savage, predictably, won with his signature flying elbow.  

He would appear in Arizona numerous times after this for both the WWF and WCW.  

Monday, September 5, 2016


The Deadly Commandos wrestled in camouflage  gear and masks, creating not only a dreaded appearance before they entered the ring, but an aura of mystique that lasted over a decade. From the 1970s into the 1980s they were a top tag team, usually finding innovative ways to cheat against a  multitude of opponents.  They were the product of a great deal of hype in the lucha libre magazines, with certain writers infatuated with their routine in spite of their hardened taste for villainy.  These psychotics military men were a forerunner to the Anglo team called Los Mercenarios, who wore similar gear and had equally vicious styles. In spite of the similarities in their appearance, the two tag teams never collided anywhere in Mexico or the USA.  


The original Western Sattes Wrestling Alliance started with Barry Bernsten in the early 1980s, running in Phoenix with Jody Arnold, John Ringer, Estudiante,  Frankenstein, Billy Graham, Eddie Sullivan, Mad Dog  Bovee, David Rose, Billy Anderson and toehrs. Bernsten eventually folded and later died.

On the 1990s, another gorups taryed up under this banner and ran for a spell before packing it in and merging with other outfits .

In the fall, the WSWA makes a comeback again. It will be curious to  see how well the  shows draw.

Of the original WSWA only mad Dog marcial Bovee/The Time Grabveler remains active as a manager at the age of 57. He may well be brought in for nostalgic reasons.

Of course younger men will be main eventing the cards and striving on in their trade.

It will be interesting to see what happens.


Chessman has become recognized for a number of high risk moves, including a leap off the top rope where he does a corkscrew motion with his body in mid air. For forcing submissions from his challengers, he has taken to using a more practical backbreaker, with his opponents hoisted over his shoulder and bounced into quitting.   

 When wprking as a hated heel por a beloved baby face, he has never failed to get his message across with the fans, arning his spot in the history of the game.
Chassman has become a legend on both sides of the border as an outstanding figure in the archives of lucha libre.  

For those unfamiliar with him, several matches are on you tube. He is one of AAA's big stars.

Though seen on many occasions in Arizona, California, Texas and beyond, Mexico has served as the scene of his finest matches.  

Black Fish

A current resident of El Paso,   Texas and a graduate of the University Of Texas El  Paso, Black Fish has been making waves on both sides of the Texas/Mexico border. He is actually from in Juarez and trained there, but migrates freely across the line to seek out the best of action in both locations. Having already established himself as a regional star, he is starting to expand his horizons and taken more bookings in other parts of the Mexican interior. 

Black Fish has also been seen in Arizona for the varied lucha promotions running there and is making a name for himself as a star for the future. 

Companeros 1 & 2

A masked tag team active in the north of Mexico in the early 1980s, Los Companeros came into the ring to   the blaring tune f Ennio Morricone's Vamos A Matar, Companeros, from the spaghetti western of the same name. They were flashy, to be sure, but never made it beyond the smaller offices, though in less important towns such as Benjamin Hill, Delicias, Carborca and the like on the independent circuit, they were in the main events. They frequently feuded with Golgotha & Bestia 666, usually ripping each other's masks and bloodying each other in their encounters.  The two evidently had no love for La Fiera, as the senior member of the tag team approached him asking about bookings with the big league. Fiera supposedly claimed he would help, but never did and when the high rolling master heel was knifed to death, the Companeros offered little remorse. One of them is on record saying "They (the killers) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtled his ass. They stuck the shit out of him." While neither man dared go so far as to say "Well done"  in regard to the hit, old and hostile feelings still lingered after retirement.  In wrestling,  slights are seldom forgotten, even if broken promises  are part of the game.


 Born Miguel Angel Delgado in Juarez  in 1947, El Cobarde was a well-known and hated villain throughout Mexico in the 1970s. His black and white checkered tights with matching mask became almost as recognizable as the characteristic blue hood of Blue Demon or the silver face shield of Santo. For years, he engaged in brutal feuds with Sangre Chicana, Herodes, Carlos Plata,  Dragon Rojo and Fishman, to whom he lost his mask. Afterward, Cobarde continued to wrestle with his face revealed, still maintaining the black & white tights, but changing his  image to that of a fan favorite. As much as he was originally hated,  he grew to be loved by the very same audience that formerly  jeered him.

Cobarde was far more active in mexico than in the USA, though he did make some appearances in Arizona, Texas and California. 

Cobarde died in Juarez several years back form a battle with cancer. 

His legend lives on.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Death Of Fuji

Mr Fuji passed away this past week. He was in his 80s.

Though remembered by many as the manager for Yokozuna and others, Fuji was also an accomplished wrestler in his own right who had been around for years before going to managing due to age.. He teamed with Saito,m Mitsu Arakawa, Tanaka and several others in his long career. One of his finishing moves was the typical throwing of salt into the eyes of his opponents.

Like Mr Moto, Tor Kamata,  Toru Tanaka and others before him, Fuji was not really even Japanese. He  was Hawaiian.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Death Of Denny Kass

Denny Kass, who teamed with Al Sniw as part of The New Kangaroos tag team, died in his sleep this past week.

Details are not known as to how or why.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bluegrass Brawlers

Bluegrass Brawlers, the creation of a book on Kentucky wrestling by John Cosper, the  man who also did the piece on Lord Carlton, may be of interest to southwestern fans due to the fact many who appear in this text also worked Arizona.

The book covers the early carnival days of Kentucky wrestling, the Gulas era, the Jarrett era, the WWE and the host of Independents who followed.

Worth a look.

Many fine photos that have never before seen, some from the collection of Jim Cornette, illustrate the text.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meet Dale Pierce August 20th

Meet Dale Pierce at the SCW card at Poblanitas in Bremerton, Washington at 7 pm. Pierce will be signing  copies of his book, Wrestling in Akron (also available through Arcadia Publishing, on Amazon or order able in any books tore).

The book features many never befpore seen photos of Lord Carlton, Brian Pillman, Jerry Graham, Sheik, Chris Colt, Jebediah, Killer Brooks, Dory Funk, Golddust and many more.


Lost Akron by Mark Price

Lost Akron from History Press, a division of Arcadia Publishing, might well be overlooked by wrestling fans in general, if nto lovers of history.

The book deals with  a  number of vanished places back in Akron, Ohio that have met witht he wrecking ball, including the old arena, the Akron Armory.

Oddly, the author places aim at the concerts and political rallies, as well as the boxing matches rather than the wrestling events here. Only a  paragraph or two is found devoted to wrestling.,

Still the book has high points for Armory lovers.

Many of the people who worked in Akron headed to Arizona in circuit days to escape the horrid Ohio winters, including Lou Thesz, Killer Brooks, Ben Justice, Argentina Rocca , Buddy Rogers, ,Mildred Burke and more.

Worth a look.


The Lord Carlton Book

Lord Caelron. Wrestler, Artist, Mt father by K.K.Fluegeman and John Cosper offers a great look at one of the finest villains form the 1950s in the form of Lord Carlton The book also offers many rare photos and  clippings that have never before been published in book form.

The book also deals with Carlton's Arizona run, with particular emphasis ona Tucson match facing Gorgeous George.

Naturally, the book does not deal with all of this master heel's Arizona feuds, as they were too numerous toi mention in an overall look at the man. Carlton also had a long and bloody feud with Phil Melby, where riots broke out in the aftermath on the Arizona circuit Since George was a far bigger name than Melba, focus on their Az. encounters seems more rational.

The book also deals with Carlton as an artist who made many sought after paintings during his lifetime.

This book is well commended as a captivating tale dealing with a man who was one of the greatest in hsi day, but is sadly mentioned less and less with the passing of time. His arrogance in the ring, his classic heel personality and his exploits are dealt with at length here.

Read the book.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pampero Firpo

Though a major midwesyerrn draw and in California, the caveman-like Pampero Firpo has only one showing in Arizona ever.

The matchook place when The Sheik tried running in Phoenix. Firpo faced Tony Marino and the match ended with Killer Brooks doing a run in.

The event happened in 1973.

Firpo has a short haircut now and lives iN california, working for several years with the psot office upon leaving wrestling.

He wa sknown for belting out "Ohhhhh yahhhhhhh" long before randy Savahe and for the use of a claw hold to win his matches.

He was one of the most hated of heels before turning baby after being fireballed by the even more hated Sheik. 

Close Call For Shultz

For a time, Sgt. Schultz (Commando nazi in Mexico) thought he was going to have to join Bret Hart, The Time Traveler,  Zoltan, Phil Melby  and others as a fighter encountering prostate cancer, but tests revealed he did not have the illness, but only an enlarged prostate.

He had a close call.

 A friendly suggestion to all men over 50...get the annual blood test to look for this.

Hans Schnabel Bio From His Son

Here is my Dad's (wrestler Hans Schnabel) wrestling history in a nut shell. His name was Herbert Moeller and was born in Rye New York  in 1908. He was the son of immigrant parents who arrived in New York City (Ellis Island) from Germany in 1906. They brought their two sons Fritz and Otto with them. Shortly after my dad was born, his mother died due to the flu epidemic which struck NYC in 1910. Soon after, they moved to Conn. At age 8, he contracted Polio.The Disease weaken both legs, but efected his right leg more. It was a long recovery. His brothers would pull him in a cart for the first two yrs afterwards. During his recovery he slowly began to walk, but he was left with a club foot. He finally recovery fully from the disease and his right leg returned to a normal position (but he was always had concerns for his legs, that is the reason he always wore long sweats). As a teen he worked in a spring factory. Fritz and my Dad embarked on careers as mechanics. They opened a garage in Conn. and where successful, but my Father was interested wrestling and seeing the country. Professional wrestling started spreading through NY and Conn. Both Fritz and my Dad had the opportunity earning money in wrestling matches. They both decided to leave the mechanic shop for the more lucrative wrestling life. They decided to honor the mother and use her maiden name Schnabel. My dad used his nick-name Hans. He had a strong desire to become a great professional wrestler. Together or individually, The Schnabel Brothers moved through the professional wrestling world. during the early 30's they worked for promoter Jack Pfeiffer. Early on, they wrestled mainly in the New York area  and Ohio. In 1936, Hans had a shot at the World-Heavyweight Championship. He was signed for the title match, but shortly before the match, Hans became ill so   Dave Levin took his place and won the Title on a disqualification. Later that yr, Fritz and Hans left for South Africa. Fritz and Father continued wrestling through out the U.S. and they were joined by there older brother Otto. A partner of Otto's was a man from Denver, who wrestled under the name of George Schnabel, but he was no relationship.  1948, Hans and Fritz worked for promoter Fred Kohler and mainly wrestled on the west coast and in Chicago. 1949, Fritz then 45 yrs old didn’t have the desire my Dad did, so new partnerships were drawn up. In the early 50's he teamed up with his long time friend Lou Newman. They wrestled as the Iron Russians. He also worked with George Bollas (The Zebra Kid). The last match I have found was in May 1960. “Hans Schnabel” was now 52. His wrestling career spanned 26 yrs. He wrestled all across the United States, Hawaii, South Africa and Japan. From a young boy who had a very crippling disease  such as Polio, he  was able to overcome life's hard knocks and become one of Professional Wrestling's greatest Heels is a feet not often accomplished. He entered into the professional wrestling title record books several times through out his career. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Son Of Death

The Son Of Death is such a cool name. Who can't dig a name like that. The name just catches one off guard.

The Son Of Death never caught on as a national star. Southwestern states in general and Arizona in particular were his stomping grounds. he emerged for Dragon Den promotions in the late 1990s, stucka round for a time and then just moved on or quit.

He still had a bitching name.

The black mask he wore added much to his dark image. He knew how to work a crowd and work his routine. 

 For a rime, he made the rounds on the Arizona circuit and even gained some local newspaper coverage as well as net mentioning. As a smaller man, he fit in well on the Indy scene, where he would have been dwarfed in the WWE. He used a lot of high risk moves, as did most of his contemporaries at the time, had a good super kick and could fly like a bird when so inclined. he could also brawl with the bets and live up to his wicked ring name.

Though not nationally known, The Son OI  Death remains an integral part of Tucson wrestling lore.Though he did not stick around as long as others, he did his part to contribute to the game.  

Jerry Beats Cancer

Jerry Cray joins The Time Traveler, lord Zoltan, Nikita Bresnikov, Vandal Drummond, Bret Hart, Phil Melby, Pedro El Grande and Smith Hart as a cancer survivor.

He remarkably has beaten Stage 4 colon cancer.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Petrov On The Move

Koloff. Volkoff. On and on. The names of evil Russians are scattered through wresting history form their boom in the 1950s onward. The routine is not dead, with Petrov making a name for himself in several western states.

Paired with former Arizona mainstay and ageless wonder, The Time Traveler, on some cards, has increased the heat he gets from the fans even more. The new pairing proved successful recently when Petrov engage din a feud with the towering Ignatius Victor price in a Hardcore Match in Washington.

Petrov is on the move, with a number of bookings in different states. Arizona, California and New Mexico are in the negotiation stage. He recently made his debut in Idaho for an indie promotion there. He is also a regular in Washington and Oregon


Reyes Garcia

Reyes Garcia, billed from San Antonio, Texas, worked in Arizona in the late 1960s and early 1970s, bit  like so many others, has become lost in the shuffle as far as memories go, with the passing of history.

Garcia was always a fan favorite, with a capacity for high-flying dropkicks to put his oppobebts down and enable the pinfall.

His most distinguished feud was with the Mad Mongol. Who this Mongol was remains a mystery as it was not Mongol Lu Kimm (Rive Wright) fromthe 1950s and not Mikko Mongol (Mike Gordon, hence the name Mikko, pronounced Mike-o for inside humor) from the 1970s.

Garcia and The Mad Mongol traded wins on the circuit for some time, before the villain injured Hispanic   opponent, leading to a different feud pitting Mongol vs Tito Montez.

Garcia leftArizona after that.

His whereabouts afterward would be anyone's guess.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Honkytonk Man

Hestarted out in tennessee long ago as Wayne farris, unde rhsi real name, but it was when he became Honytonk man in the WWF that his career really took off. As an arrogant Elivis clone, using the Shake, rattle &Roll as a finisher, hewa spropelled to stardom and the Intercontinental blet. His itnerviews were classic as well.

"The people want to ehar the Honkytnk Man sing. The people want to hear The Hobkytonk Man dance."

Uh, how do you ehar someone dance?

Some years ago, Farris relocated from Germantown, Tennessee to Phoenix and still lives there, He still gets an occasional Arizona shot, though he gets booked elsewhere everywhere.

His biggest Arizona push came, predictably, during the WWF years, where his major feuds were seen everywhere on the circuit.

He is  gong strong. Even now.


WWE Home Page Link

Monday, July 18, 2016

Wrestling In Akron At Western Shows

Wretslign in Akron, available in varied stores and orderable in any of the book store chains, found on Amazon and form Arcadia publishing, is going to be sold at a number of shows in he western states.

This stands to reason as many of the people int hsi book, depicted in never before seen photos, also worked in the west, inducing Gold Dust, Dory Funk, Sheik, Abdullah, Professor Shire, Thesz, Rogers, Chris Colt, Chris Kole, Ron Dypree, Don Fargo, Bobo Brazil, Gil Guerrero, Kerry Von Erich, Billy Anderson and many more. o,

The Purple Wizards

Thr wets ahs always attracted crazy tag teams. The Scufflin Hillbillies, The Lumberjacks, The Royal Kangaroos, The Hornets, The Reptiles,The Interns, The Assassins,  The Comancheros. The list goes on and on.

Add the Purple Woizrds to the list fo uncanny heels.

These two lunatics would likely remind some older fans of the names noted in the opening paragraph. They are part clown and part murderous psychopath as a pairing.. At one minute fans are laughing at their antics abd the next they are yelling for the scalps of this duo..

The Purple Wizards are smaller men, but very capable and more intimidating than they look on the surface. They also possess a certain arrogance about them that drives many fans wild.A tendenacy to liek tos care little kids at rignside when the chance arises willa gain remind older fans of evil villains in an era long gone.

The two have been feuding with a pair of cowboys who are more conventional fan favorites.

Reported;y, The Wizards and the team they feud with so often are both only a year or so into the game. For relative inexperience, they ahve shown considerable knowledge of ring psychology and ability. They have, of course, wrestled a number of other tams as well and have been expanding to a number of different promotions, which again will gain them some needed experience to wally make a name for themselves.

Keep an eye on these two loony birds. They could go far in spite of their small stature in size. Time will tell, but they are so crazy in a predominately insane business, there is nor one season to think they won;t really become stars.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Return Of King Milo

Look for the return of King Milo in Tucson this fall with Revelation Pro Wrestling.

Milo started as a manager in 1996 for Rage in the Cage wrestling, handling Gamara and Rodan, but became a wrestler himself and later a promoter. He returns to actions oon with this new office.

Also look for a special one time appearance of the Time Traveler in winter for this group, sometime in winter.

Cody Baker and several Mexican luchadores have also signed with the group.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Give Eddie A Visit

Eddie Guerrero made his Arizona debut in 1992 for an independent promotion running Graham Central Station in Phoenix. He and CC Starr faced Sgt. Shultz 1 and 2. Eddie would  be a Phoenix regular for the WWF and WCW until his tragic from heart  failure.

Arizona fans may still give Eddie a visit. His grave may be found at the Green Acres Memorial Cemetery in Scottdale.

Reported;for whenever he passes, Superstar Billy Graham has a plot reserved next to him.

Jesus Ortega

Jesus Ortega wrestled in Texas, Arizona, new Mexico and the Mexican border tons throughout the 1950s

Ortega was usually on the under card, except when propelled in a feud with Tokyo Joe on the Arizona circuit. The evil Joe won most of these matches, but Ortega held his own within.

Unlike many compatriots, Ortega did not sue a lot of fancy lucha moves, but remained on the ground with technical holds for the most aprt. He used a routine body slam and a cover when he did win.

Ortega was billed from San Antonio, Texas during his Arizona stay, which may or may not have been his real origin. Though he spoke perfect English, he usually did his interviews and challenges in Spanish.

 Late in his career, he would go to the Michigan area where he became known as Jess "Bull" Ortega and later as Ortega-San, the manager of Kabooki.

He died of a heart attack while still active as a manager. .

He was no relation to either Frank Ortega from the 1960s or Nano Ortega from the 1970s-1980s.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dragon's Den Wrestling Link

The history of the Dragon's Den promotion which ran in Tucson some years ago is offered at this page. It gives a fine presentation on this promotion.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pedro El Bello In San Luis

The ageless wonder and Mexican super heel, Pedro El Bello, was sen in Arizona in the  1990s facing Indio Seri, Amadeus, Thrillseeker Terry Zeller and others.

He is still in action across the border from Yuma in San Luis every Saturday night, with no indication slowing down.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kristian Kross

 Kristian Kross may not be known to everyone and his face may not be familiar to fans, being it is hidden behind a mask.

While he would be unknown to many fans, he did serve an added role in being the first managerial prospect handled by The Time Traveler in June, when the longtime heel manager made his comeback after a triumphant battle against prostate cancer.

It will be interesting to see where the career for Kross goes. As of now, his inexperience shows, but he seems to be learning fast.  He seems to show a fair knowledge of amateur wrestling and these moved out there, though in the pro ranks one deals with a whole different ballgame.

Recent bouts with Dave Turner and Ron Von Hess (Ron Sutherland/Section 8 of Arizona) in Bremerton,   Washington, These matches did not see him come out on top. They were, however, an evident learning experience and he has chosen to continue in the profession, more determined than ever.

It will be with a needed passing of time to see how far he will go and what states he will be traveling to upcoming.


Meet Dale Pierce In Lacey, Washington

Meet Dale Pierce for a book signing this fall at the Senior Center in Lacey Washington, with a date to be announced shortly, as well as time.

Wrestling books will include Wrestling In Akron, available also at some wrestling show merchandise tables, un stores, on Amazon and from Arcadia Publishing. The book is bot exclusive to Akron, with never before seen photos of many international stars, including The Sheik, Roy Shire, The Swedish Angel, Gold Dust, Brian Pillman, Kevin Sullivan, Bull Curry, Killer Brooks, Don Kent and many more.

Also being signed are copies of the  horror novel, Play Me The Song Of Death, with a wrestler and manager as supporting characters, Plus  The History Of Arizona Wrestling, And The Crowd Goes Wild and Tales From The Cemetery On The Hill. The last book carries a grim horror tale with a wrestling theme called They're Tearing Down Joe Finn's Arena, which is worth a look. .;

Links for other Dale Pierce books are....

John Cosper

Give a visit to the page of writer John Cosper and check out some of his books, including one on the late Lord Carlton, who was once a top draw in Arizona.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia may have raised some eyebrows with his first name, but this is a common name in Spanish, while not so much in English.  It is pronounced as Hay -Zeus.

Garcia wrestled in Arizona in the early 1960s, usually coming out on the losing end to varied Anglo opponents, with his losses angering the Hispanic portion of the audience, which brought them back week after week in hope of seeing him finally get a win over his underhanded opponents.

When he could not win fairly, Jesus decided to turn bad and start breaking the rules, which infuriated his Latino fans all the more. He was then  seen as a traitor.

In this capacity, he was handed more wins.

Garcia was billed as being form Juarez, Mexico, but whether this was correct or not would be anyone's guess.

He used a conventional airplane spin to win his matches when he did gain victories. Usually, as stated, however, he came out on the losing end.

By 1963, Garcia's name drops from the roster in Arizona. Where he may have went afterward is unknown tot his writer.

Perhaps, he returned to Mexico.

If, indeed, that was where he was really  from.

San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, Across From Yuma

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dave Turner

Western states are seeing an interesting heel in the form of Dave Turner, out of Everett, Washington. A muscular grappler with a shaven head  and arrogant demeanor, this wrestler has provoked the attention of fans and writers alike as he demonstrates his ability for a number of Indy groups.

Owning a wide variety of submission holds and destructive finishing moves, he has piled up quite a number of wins in several states. Most recently, in Washington, he utterly demolished his opponent Christian Cross, a newcomer who never had a match before and was smashed in his encounter with the more experienced Turner, who showed no mercy.

Turner is expected to see bookings upcoming in several different states and is, as we like to note with interesting wrestlers here, someone to keep an eye on.

The Psycho Circus

Meet the Psycho Circus, a new team of psychotic clowns, made up of Sideshow and Funny Milo, who have been making the rounds in several western states for the Indy circuits.

While the two dress as clowns, there is nothing funny about either man, as they maul their way through tag team after tag team.

Evil clowns are again, nothing new in wrestling, but these two remain two of the best of them.

"There has always been something scary about clowns," commented indy wrestler Danny Donavan. "They are funny when performing in a circus ring, but take them out of that environment and they become downright frightening. McMahon knew this when he  made Doink, before turning him baby. The cartoonist who made Kristy in The Simpsons knew this. Some years back there was a porno horror film called Clown Porn and they got the idea too. Clowns can be really frightening. Look how many horror films have offered killer clowns. Look at Insane Clown Posse. With all this in mind, the new tag team here capitalizes on everyone's fears. It's funny to watch the reaction of the crowd. Milo and Sideshow scare the shit out of little kids. I think it's funny."

Thus, The Psycho Circus marches onward, leaving destruction in their path.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

George Steele in Arizona

George Steele had the usual run in Arizona while touring with the WWF.

One of the early episodes did raise eyebrows as it was in the era before the WWF started to outright deny kayfabe and turned to sports entertainment. In a tag team match, Steele was supposed to gnaw on a turnbuckle as was his tradition, but could not get the fixed one to chew up and the routine was aborted.

A livid Vince McMahons sent the four men back into the ring with the identical match and identical finish, reshooting with Steele gnawing the turnbuckle, in front of the entire crowd. if the audience wa not "smart" before, they sure were after that.  

Steele had other matches in Phoenix. Arguably one of his best was a pairing with  Savage as part of their feud that ran all over the USA.

After retirement, Steele would make varied returns to Arizona as a road agent, but would not be seen by the general public, as he operated behind the scenes.

Steele presently makes his home in Florida, where he has recently encountered a number of health problems. One wishes him well.

WWE History Link

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Interesting Historic Wrestling Blog

New Version Of Az. Wrestling History Book

An expanded version of the Dale Pierce book covering the history of Arizona wrestling, with results and biographies form over 120 years of action has been expanded in a  new version, with over 25 new pages worth of results off past cards.

Orders at

In The History Of Arizona Wrestling you can find pretty much whoever you look for. Gorgeous George, Sheik, Undertaker, Fred Blassie, Time Traveler, Badd Blood, The Comancheros, Eddie Sullivan, Bobo Brazil, Tito Montez, Don Arnold, Jerry Graham, Bret Hart, Jim Londos, Dick Trout, Dick Daviscourt, Navajo Warrior, Billy Anderson, Buddy Rogers, Don Fargo...

The list goes on and on.

Jim Wright

Jim Wright was a mainstay in Arizona for many years, where he was hated as a heel with a brawling style similar to say, Dick Murdoch on the more modern scene. From the 1950s into the early 1960s, he was seen regularly in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and other stops along the circuit, though he was by no means limited to the southwest, As a journeyman of the most respected category, he wrestled all over the USA.

Wright became bets known for the wy he died rather than how he lived. In August of 1963, he took part in a tag team match in Phoenix at their Madison square Garden. After tagging out, he leaned against the ropes in mid-match, grabbed his chest and fell, hitting his head on the hard arena floor as well.

He evidently suffered a massive heart attack which killed him on the spot.

The head blow would have most likely proven fatal also.

Former wrestler, Monte Ladue, who was the referee for the match, would still be trying to tell reporters more than a decade later that Wright died from an elbow smash to the throat, to try to give the wrestling world more credibility and point tot he fact a man was killed right here in Phoenix in the midst of a contest.

Don Arnold, who had been involved in the fatal tag team bout, later would say Wright had not looked right in the locker room and was pale, almost gray in the face. He noted people should have been wotted something was up, but the ill-fated wrestler kept insisting he was fine when he clearly was not.