Thursday, July 7, 2016

Meet Dale Pierce In Lacey, Washington

Meet Dale Pierce for a book signing this fall at the Senior Center in Lacey Washington, with a date to be announced shortly, as well as time.

Wrestling books will include Wrestling In Akron, available also at some wrestling show merchandise tables, un stores, on Amazon and from Arcadia Publishing. The book is bot exclusive to Akron, with never before seen photos of many international stars, including The Sheik, Roy Shire, The Swedish Angel, Gold Dust, Brian Pillman, Kevin Sullivan, Bull Curry, Killer Brooks, Don Kent and many more.

Also being signed are copies of the  horror novel, Play Me The Song Of Death, with a wrestler and manager as supporting characters, Plus  The History Of Arizona Wrestling, And The Crowd Goes Wild and Tales From The Cemetery On The Hill. The last book carries a grim horror tale with a wrestling theme called They're Tearing Down Joe Finn's Arena, which is worth a look. .;

Links for other Dale Pierce books are....

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