Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Honkytonk Man

Hestarted out in tennessee long ago as Wayne farris, unde rhsi real name, but it was when he became Honytonk man in the WWF that his career really took off. As an arrogant Elivis clone, using the Shake, rattle &Roll as a finisher, hewa spropelled to stardom and the Intercontinental blet. His itnerviews were classic as well.

"The people want to ehar the Honkytnk Man sing. The people want to hear The Hobkytonk Man dance."

Uh, how do you ehar someone dance?

Some years ago, Farris relocated from Germantown, Tennessee to Phoenix and still lives there, He still gets an occasional Arizona shot, though he gets booked elsewhere everywhere.

His biggest Arizona push came, predictably, during the WWF years, where his major feuds were seen everywhere on the circuit.

He is  gong strong. Even now.


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