Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Son Of Death

The Son Of Death is such a cool name. Who can't dig a name like that. The name just catches one off guard.

The Son Of Death never caught on as a national star. Southwestern states in general and Arizona in particular were his stomping grounds. he emerged for Dragon Den promotions in the late 1990s, stucka round for a time and then just moved on or quit.

He still had a bitching name.

The black mask he wore added much to his dark image. He knew how to work a crowd and work his routine. 

 For a rime, he made the rounds on the Arizona circuit and even gained some local newspaper coverage as well as net mentioning. As a smaller man, he fit in well on the Indy scene, where he would have been dwarfed in the WWE. He used a lot of high risk moves, as did most of his contemporaries at the time, had a good super kick and could fly like a bird when so inclined. he could also brawl with the bets and live up to his wicked ring name.

Though not nationally known, The Son OI  Death remains an integral part of Tucson wrestling lore.Though he did not stick around as long as others, he did his part to contribute to the game.  

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