Friday, July 15, 2016

Jesus Ortega

Jesus Ortega wrestled in Texas, Arizona, new Mexico and the Mexican border tons throughout the 1950s

Ortega was usually on the under card, except when propelled in a feud with Tokyo Joe on the Arizona circuit. The evil Joe won most of these matches, but Ortega held his own within.

Unlike many compatriots, Ortega did not sue a lot of fancy lucha moves, but remained on the ground with technical holds for the most aprt. He used a routine body slam and a cover when he did win.

Ortega was billed from San Antonio, Texas during his Arizona stay, which may or may not have been his real origin. Though he spoke perfect English, he usually did his interviews and challenges in Spanish.

 Late in his career, he would go to the Michigan area where he became known as Jess "Bull" Ortega and later as Ortega-San, the manager of Kabooki.

He died of a heart attack while still active as a manager. .

He was no relation to either Frank Ortega from the 1960s or Nano Ortega from the 1970s-1980s.

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