Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia may have raised some eyebrows with his first name, but this is a common name in Spanish, while not so much in English.  It is pronounced as Hay -Zeus.

Garcia wrestled in Arizona in the early 1960s, usually coming out on the losing end to varied Anglo opponents, with his losses angering the Hispanic portion of the audience, which brought them back week after week in hope of seeing him finally get a win over his underhanded opponents.

When he could not win fairly, Jesus decided to turn bad and start breaking the rules, which infuriated his Latino fans all the more. He was then  seen as a traitor.

In this capacity, he was handed more wins.

Garcia was billed as being form Juarez, Mexico, but whether this was correct or not would be anyone's guess.

He used a conventional airplane spin to win his matches when he did gain victories. Usually, as stated, however, he came out on the losing end.

By 1963, Garcia's name drops from the roster in Arizona. Where he may have went afterward is unknown tot his writer.

Perhaps, he returned to Mexico.

If, indeed, that was where he was really  from.

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