Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kristian Kross

 Kristian Kross may not be known to everyone and his face may not be familiar to fans, being it is hidden behind a mask.

While he would be unknown to many fans, he did serve an added role in being the first managerial prospect handled by The Time Traveler in June, when the longtime heel manager made his comeback after a triumphant battle against prostate cancer.

It will be interesting to see where the career for Kross goes. As of now, his inexperience shows, but he seems to be learning fast.  He seems to show a fair knowledge of amateur wrestling and these moved out there, though in the pro ranks one deals with a whole different ballgame.

Recent bouts with Dave Turner and Ron Von Hess (Ron Sutherland/Section 8 of Arizona) in Bremerton,   Washington, These matches did not see him come out on top. They were, however, an evident learning experience and he has chosen to continue in the profession, more determined than ever.

It will be with a needed passing of time to see how far he will go and what states he will be traveling to upcoming.


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