Monday, July 18, 2016

The Purple Wizards

Thr wets ahs always attracted crazy tag teams. The Scufflin Hillbillies, The Lumberjacks, The Royal Kangaroos, The Hornets, The Reptiles,The Interns, The Assassins,  The Comancheros. The list goes on and on.

Add the Purple Woizrds to the list fo uncanny heels.

These two lunatics would likely remind some older fans of the names noted in the opening paragraph. They are part clown and part murderous psychopath as a pairing.. At one minute fans are laughing at their antics abd the next they are yelling for the scalps of this duo..

The Purple Wizards are smaller men, but very capable and more intimidating than they look on the surface. They also possess a certain arrogance about them that drives many fans wild.A tendenacy to liek tos care little kids at rignside when the chance arises willa gain remind older fans of evil villains in an era long gone.

The two have been feuding with a pair of cowboys who are more conventional fan favorites.

Reported;y, The Wizards and the team they feud with so often are both only a year or so into the game. For relative inexperience, they ahve shown considerable knowledge of ring psychology and ability. They have, of course, wrestled a number of other tams as well and have been expanding to a number of different promotions, which again will gain them some needed experience to wally make a name for themselves.

Keep an eye on these two loony birds. They could go far in spite of their small stature in size. Time will tell, but they are so crazy in a predominately insane business, there is nor one season to think they won;t really become stars.

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