Thursday, September 8, 2016


This popular mascot/manager of Tiniemblas looked to be a werewolf or a shrunk down Wooki from Star Wars, but in truth was a midget in a cleverly designed costume. For an eternity, he accompanied Tiniemblas to the ring and became an icon in his own right. Occasionally, one of the villains Tiniemblas faced would attack Aluche and spark a feud, as Ari "El Diablo" Romero did in Juarez in the early 1990s, with Tiniemblas vowing and gaining revenge for his inured associate. Aluche died in 2014. 

"Some fans thought the routine was silly, but little kids thought he was a real little monster or something," commented wrestler Escapilario, who works with present indies on the border and grew up watching the Tiniemblas/Aluche pairing. "All he was, was amidget in a costume, but the marks went nust for him. In looking back, I think the role was stupid, but I grew up watching this before I started working and because of this i have a spot spot for the little guy. I was sorry to hear he died, but I have no idea how old he wa sor what he looked like without all that monster shit on."

Aluche accompanied Tineimblas to Arizona shows in the early 1990s and was well received.  

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