Monday, September 5, 2016


Chessman has become recognized for a number of high risk moves, including a leap off the top rope where he does a corkscrew motion with his body in mid air. For forcing submissions from his challengers, he has taken to using a more practical backbreaker, with his opponents hoisted over his shoulder and bounced into quitting.   

 When wprking as a hated heel por a beloved baby face, he has never failed to get his message across with the fans, arning his spot in the history of the game.
Chassman has become a legend on both sides of the border as an outstanding figure in the archives of lucha libre.  

For those unfamiliar with him, several matches are on you tube. He is one of AAA's big stars.

Though seen on many occasions in Arizona, California, Texas and beyond, Mexico has served as the scene of his finest matches.  

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