Thursday, September 8, 2016


Adrian Adonis always provoked heat when the WWF was in Phoenix, first as his bad assed biker routine and later as a blatant homosexual schtick where he even came to the ring in drag.

Adonis not only got heat witht he fans, but was not as popular as he could have been with his fellow wrestlers. Billy Anderson speaks of how unfondly he remembers Adonis delivering a shot to his mouth that busted his lips and required stitches to heal. Adonis never even apologized for the slip.

Then there was the time Adonis did promos with a veil over rhis face, to hide the black eye and lumps he'd been given with gusto by another wrestle he got into a locker room fought with, biting off more than he could chew.

On the Phoenix bouts, he was usually on the undercard, but still ahd the fans ready to riot, which was especially difficult as this was the era when fans were being smartened right and left to the business. More than once, he actually knocked fans trying to swing at him back into their seats.

In the bar at the hotel on Van Buren where most of the wrestlers stayed, Adonis was even more uncanny, even heard uttering these words, though breaking the code of silence was something  cared less and elss about by this time.

"It's all fake! Leave me alone."

Adonis died in a driving accident several years ago, along with other wrestlers. Even if fans and some wrestlers hated him with a passion, they were stricken to see him pass in such a way.

While Adrian was best known in Phoenix for his WWF run, his career highlight might well have been ealrier in the AWA, where he and Jesse Ventura formed a magnificent tag team.

Adrian's real name was Keith Franks.

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