Monday, September 5, 2016


 Born Miguel Angel Delgado in Juarez  in 1947, El Cobarde was a well-known and hated villain throughout Mexico in the 1970s. His black and white checkered tights with matching mask became almost as recognizable as the characteristic blue hood of Blue Demon or the silver face shield of Santo. For years, he engaged in brutal feuds with Sangre Chicana, Herodes, Carlos Plata,  Dragon Rojo and Fishman, to whom he lost his mask. Afterward, Cobarde continued to wrestle with his face revealed, still maintaining the black & white tights, but changing his  image to that of a fan favorite. As much as he was originally hated,  he grew to be loved by the very same audience that formerly  jeered him.

Cobarde was far more active in mexico than in the USA, though he did make some appearances in Arizona, Texas and California. 

Cobarde died in Juarez several years back form a battle with cancer. 

His legend lives on.

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