Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fabi Apache

One of the foremost female wrestlers in AAA, Fabi Apache is now considered a crafty veteran, where she was once a gorgeous, but inexperienced rookie in the profession. Past feuds include matches with Lady Victoria, Natasha, Jennifer Blade, May Flowers and  Rain. Born Balbuena Torres in 1980, she is the daughter of Apache and wife of Billy Boy. She has held the World Mixed Tag Team championship four times and also won the AAA Queen Of The Ring tournament. Aside from  appearances in Latin America, she was also seen in Japan and the USA. 

Favy has been seen regualrly over the years on varied hispanic television rpograms that have brought Mexican wretslign into the USA

She has been seen infrequently in Arizona over the years when AAA made swinsg through the Phoenix/Tucson area.. 

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