Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jimmy Flame

Jimmy Flame was born in Louisiana, but rpesently makes his home in Washington state and from this home base remains one of the most traveled veterans on the indepednent scene.

Flashy,and  arrogant as a heel and old school all the way, he is a throwback to the days of strutting, star struck bad guys using evil to fight the forces of good in the manner of say Tully Blanchard, Jody Arnold or John Tolos. He acts like the bravest of men until he is in trouble in the ring, to which he becomes the coward of the county, like the Kenny Rogers song. He runs, he begs, he backpedals...and then he pulls some dirty trick out of his ass to sucker his opponent., screw finish him and win.

On the microphone he provokes instant hatred from the crowd, showing a mastery for the dying art of "talking" or giving a promo.

Thpugh mainly a singles wretsler, Flame has veen teaming withte another eually fmaboyant indy guy by the name of Mr. Fitness and togther theyhave been making the rounds.

If you deplore wrestling as it exists now and long for the olden days, Jimmy Flame is the man for you.

Check him out if the chance arises, as he has been traveling all over and really making a reputation for himself.

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