Monday, September 5, 2016

Companeros 1 & 2

A masked tag team active in the north of Mexico in the early 1980s, Los Companeros came into the ring to   the blaring tune f Ennio Morricone's Vamos A Matar, Companeros, from the spaghetti western of the same name. They were flashy, to be sure, but never made it beyond the smaller offices, though in less important towns such as Benjamin Hill, Delicias, Carborca and the like on the independent circuit, they were in the main events. They frequently feuded with Golgotha & Bestia 666, usually ripping each other's masks and bloodying each other in their encounters.  The two evidently had no love for La Fiera, as the senior member of the tag team approached him asking about bookings with the big league. Fiera supposedly claimed he would help, but never did and when the high rolling master heel was knifed to death, the Companeros offered little remorse. One of them is on record saying "They (the killers) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtled his ass. They stuck the shit out of him." While neither man dared go so far as to say "Well done"  in regard to the hit, old and hostile feelings still lingered after retirement.  In wrestling,  slights are seldom forgotten, even if broken promises  are part of the game.

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