Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Lord Carlton Book

Lord Caelron. Wrestler, Artist, Mt father by K.K.Fluegeman and John Cosper offers a great look at one of the finest villains form the 1950s in the form of Lord Carlton The book also offers many rare photos and  clippings that have never before been published in book form.

The book also deals with Carlton's Arizona run, with particular emphasis ona Tucson match facing Gorgeous George.

Naturally, the book does not deal with all of this master heel's Arizona feuds, as they were too numerous toi mention in an overall look at the man. Carlton also had a long and bloody feud with Phil Melby, where riots broke out in the aftermath on the Arizona circuit Since George was a far bigger name than Melba, focus on their Az. encounters seems more rational.

The book also deals with Carlton as an artist who made many sought after paintings during his lifetime.

This book is well commended as a captivating tale dealing with a man who was one of the greatest in hsi day, but is sadly mentioned less and less with the passing of time. His arrogance in the ring, his classic heel personality and his exploits are dealt with at length here.

Read the book.

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