Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lost Akron by Mark Price

Lost Akron from History Press, a division of Arcadia Publishing, might well be overlooked by wrestling fans in general, if nto lovers of history.

The book deals with  a  number of vanished places back in Akron, Ohio that have met witht he wrecking ball, including the old arena, the Akron Armory.

Oddly, the author places aim at the concerts and political rallies, as well as the boxing matches rather than the wrestling events here. Only a  paragraph or two is found devoted to wrestling.,

Still the book has high points for Armory lovers.

Many of the people who worked in Akron headed to Arizona in circuit days to escape the horrid Ohio winters, including Lou Thesz, Killer Brooks, Ben Justice, Argentina Rocca , Buddy Rogers, ,Mildred Burke and more.

Worth a look.


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