Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pampero Firpo

Though a major midwesyerrn draw and in California, the caveman-like Pampero Firpo has only one showing in Arizona ever.

The matchook place when The Sheik tried running in Phoenix. Firpo faced Tony Marino and the match ended with Killer Brooks doing a run in.

The event happened in 1973.

Firpo has a short haircut now and lives iN california, working for several years with the psot office upon leaving wrestling.

He wa sknown for belting out "Ohhhhh yahhhhhhh" long before randy Savahe and for the use of a claw hold to win his matches.

He was one of the most hated of heels before turning baby after being fireballed by the even more hated Sheik. 

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