Sunday, June 26, 2016

George Steele in Arizona

George Steele had the usual run in Arizona while touring with the WWF.

One of the early episodes did raise eyebrows as it was in the era before the WWF started to outright deny kayfabe and turned to sports entertainment. In a tag team match, Steele was supposed to gnaw on a turnbuckle as was his tradition, but could not get the fixed one to chew up and the routine was aborted.

A livid Vince McMahons sent the four men back into the ring with the identical match and identical finish, reshooting with Steele gnawing the turnbuckle, in front of the entire crowd. if the audience wa not "smart" before, they sure were after that.  

Steele had other matches in Phoenix. Arguably one of his best was a pairing with  Savage as part of their feud that ran all over the USA.

After retirement, Steele would make varied returns to Arizona as a road agent, but would not be seen by the general public, as he operated behind the scenes.

Steele presently makes his home in Florida, where he has recently encountered a number of health problems. One wishes him well.

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