Sunday, June 12, 2016

Panteon Morclova

Panteon came from Durango, Mexico or so he was billed. For a time in the 1940s he had a successful run in Arizona as a heel, usually using simple dirty moves to win his matches, such as a low blow when the ref was distracted or putting his foot on the ropes for leverage. One of his favorite tactics was to be hurled into the ropes where his opponent intended to catch him with a dropkick on the rebound. Instead, the hated villain would grab said ropes and yank himself out of the way so his rival would fly through the air, hit nothing and crash to the mat. From there, a pin was easy.

One of Panteon's main rivals was Kenny Mayne, the father of latter day wrestler, Lonnie Mayne.. Maybe ad Morclova met several times in Phoenix, Tucson and  Globe, where the two traded wins..

On occasion. this heel would also resort to the old roll of dimes in the fist routine, where he pulled said roll from his boot and flattened his opponent when the two of them fought on the arena floor. Dimes would fly everywhere, sending fans scrambling to pick the, up and pocket them. Sometimes. the ref caught him and he was disqualified. At other times, he would get by with this and score a win.

Panteon was also seen in Texas and California before retiring. He likewise did some wrestling in the Mexican interior.

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