Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bob Lueck

Bob Lueck played football for the Cleveland Browns and later for the Canadian leagues, before retiring from both wrestling which he did on the side in off season and the gridiron.

In the early 1970s, Lueck received a big push on the Phoenix circuit, especially known for his feud with The Comancheros. First, he and Tito Montez took on the notorious hippy pair in a number of matches. later, Lueck teamed with fellow football player, Ron Pritchard, to do the same.

Oddly, Lueck turned on Pritchard in the middle of a tag team bout with the two Comancheros, hit his partner with a pair of brass knuckles and walked out with the villains.

The new feud between Lueck and Pritchard was never expanded upon. Football season a starting and the intention as to have an extended war between Pritchard and Lueck the following year when they resumed wrestling but again, it did not transpire.

Lueck became a big time rancher in the Buckeye area after leaving pro sports. On occasion, he was still seen in attendance at wrestling matches, but not too often.

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