Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Psycho Circus

Meet the Psycho Circus, a new team of psychotic clowns, made up of Sideshow and Funny Milo, who have been making the rounds in several western states for the Indy circuits.

While the two dress as clowns, there is nothing funny about either man, as they maul their way through tag team after tag team.

Evil clowns are again, nothing new in wrestling, but these two remain two of the best of them.

"There has always been something scary about clowns," commented indy wrestler Danny Donavan. "They are funny when performing in a circus ring, but take them out of that environment and they become downright frightening. McMahon knew this when he  made Doink, before turning him baby. The cartoonist who made Kristy in The Simpsons knew this. Some years back there was a porno horror film called Clown Porn and they got the idea too. Clowns can be really frightening. Look how many horror films have offered killer clowns. Look at Insane Clown Posse. With all this in mind, the new tag team here capitalizes on everyone's fears. It's funny to watch the reaction of the crowd. Milo and Sideshow scare the shit out of little kids. I think it's funny."

Thus, The Psycho Circus marches onward, leaving destruction in their path.

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