Sunday, June 12, 2016

Giglz & Billy

Giglz The Clown, his spelling of the same, is a heel on Phoenix who has been active since around 2010 in this area. This is his spelling of the word.

Billy Boondox, his spelling of the word Boondocks, has been a long time partner for this heel clown. Doing a Thug Life type of routine, it would not seem like these two would be a marriage made in heaven, but they remain an interesting tag partnership, generating a lot of heat and working well together.

Clowns are nothing new. There was the most famous of them, Doink, in the WWF, but before him there was Pasquelin in Mexico. In the indies there have been a rash of others, some good, some bad and some outright ugly as far as work goes or went.  Dork, Clunk, Pennywize, Durty, Filthy, Korky. The list goes on and on. Also in the western states, one finds Sideshow now, who would perhaps be a logical choice for Giglz, but such a pairing ahs not happened. It may never transpire.  The point is, clown wrestlers are nothing new and while on the surface Giglz many be just another clown, no one can deny he always puts out an effort in his bouts.

Thus the clown and the brawler continue to make for an interesting team in the promotions that have come and gone in Arizona over the past few years.  In a throwback to major tag team heels who vibrated fantastic heat from the crowd such as The Comancheros and The Lumberjacks, these two may not seem like a logical combination on the surface, but they have become "heat magnets" who have made their routine work.

The way they spell their names may indicate they did not pay much attention to spelling courses in grade school. They might seem like a pairing that is anything but  a marriage made in heaven as their routines have nothing to do with each other. Again, however, they have made it work.

More power to them.

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