Monday, May 30, 2016


Hermes came unto the Arizona scene in 2014 as part of a lucha libre promotion operating in Phoenix and environs. he has remained there ever since and continued to impress the fans.

Lucha libre stylists have always been a big draw in Arizona and the Mexican wrestlers were popular there long before WCW made booking them the cool thing in the mainstream, when they showcased Konnan and crew. .

Hermes specializes in a magnificent plancha which is extremely easy to do wrong and very difficult to do correctly. he, however, executes the move with flawless perfection.

Hermes has also been seeing action across the border in the north of Mexico as of late, migrating between both countries with ease.

Hermes drew his name from the Greek God with the winged shoes. It might be fitting, as this particular Hermes flies through the air with the greatest of ease when wrestling.

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