Monday, May 30, 2016

The Pale Riders

The Pale Riders, Bull Zambians & lance Ferraro, have both called it quits to wrestling, though in retirement they leave a legacy behind, if known only to Arizona fans.

Ferraro has become a fervent born again Christian, working in a daytime job away from wrestling and Zambrano runs a soccer supply store.

In the 1980s, the two Pale Riders took Phoenix by storm, when weekly shows were still being held every Friday night. They especially showed their worth in extended feuds with Special Forces and The Lumberjacks.

Both men started their careers together and maintained an effective partnership for the duration. Zambrano retired first in the 1990s, but Lance continued to wrestle into the 2000s, though he spouted a shaved head as opposed to his recognized curls from before.

A third member of The Pale Riders, JT law, split with them and the two became bitter enemies with him in real life.  It wasn't a work.

The pale Riders may have never really traveled too far out of Arizona, though Lance had some Texas matches. In their prime, however, they were one of the best tag teams around.

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