Sunday, May 8, 2016

Butcher Brower

Butcher Brower was a blond wrestler with a yellowish beard and mustache, as well as close cropped hair. He emerged in Texas in 1971, often teaming with The Beast from out of Canada. He and the masked wrestler, the Spartan, had  couple televised brawls.

Butcher Brower became recognized in New Mexico and Arizona due to the televised tapes from Amarillo being shown in these areas as well, but his appearances there were limited.

As a wrestler, Brower's stay in the west might best be termed as "enhancement talent" if w were to sue modern words. In his era, he would have been known as a carpenter" who lost creatively, but specialized in building his opponents up. He did receive a win now and again to keep interest in him going, but never received a big push with the Texas/New Mexico/Arizona circuit.

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