Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nicky Skidds Heading West?

Ohio has some great indy wrestling promotions, but as a place to live overall, many people can't seem to stand the state. Several wrestlers who once resided there have headed elsewhere for good.

Add Nicky Skidds to the list of people who are looking to leave Ohio if arrangements can be made. he is presently seeking bookings in Arizona, Washington, California and even Alaska.

Skidds has been a mainstay in Ohio since the early 2000s, most notably for MCW.  Past opponents have included Lones Oaks, Justin Diaz, Jebediah, Eddie Insane, Christian Vaughn and others prominent in this promotion. Sadly, MCW shutdown after a very long run and Skidds presently seeks better booking opportunities  than offered in the Midwest.

He also moonlights as a musician.

"Time will tell what time will tell," as The Time Traveler, who managed Skidds on and off and also made an exit from Ohio in 2015 would say.

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