Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vandal Drummond

From his California base, Vandal Drummond started out in wrestling under his real name of Kurt Brown, by publishing a huge results newsletter in cooperation with a partner by the name of Lloyd Lee.

Like many who started out as fans, sheet writers or photographers, Drummond decided to enter the wrestling world as a participant, undergoing training form a number of interested wrestler friends, to become a capable star in the western states himself. As of this writing, he remains one of the rare Anglo stars to ever excel and gain acceptance in the Lucha Libre promotions within the western USA.

In recent times, Drummond won the biggest victory of his life, not within the ring, but away from it, when he defeated cancer.

Charismatic, high flying and capable in the ring, Drummond has been an icon for Indy groups in the western states. He has enjoyed great popularity during a long career. 

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